How To Keep Your Windshield From Fogging Up

Having a windshield for your UTV has many benefits – your better protected from the elements and from debris on the road, you’ll stay more comfortable no matter what the weather conditions are, and most importantly, you’ll have increased visibility. That is until your windshield starts to fog up! Just like your vehicle’s windshield, your UTV windshield can be susceptible to fogging up. Of course, a foggy windshield is a hazard no matter what you’re driving. As you hit the trails on cool days this spring, be sure you know how to defog your windshield so you’re never in a situation where your visibility is compromised. To help you out, here are a few different solutions.

Use a Heater
This is the first solution you’ll probably think of when your vehicle’s windshield fogs up, and it’s just as effective with your car as it is with your UTV. Turn up your heat and use a fan to blow warm air on your windshield. This will help eliminate the fog and give you back your visibility.

Anti-Fog Spray
If you seem to consistently have trouble with a foggy windshield, try applying an anti-fog spray.

Under-Dash Block
Sometimes you can get a foggy windshield when the heat rises from under your dash. In this situation, you can look for an under-dash block to help block or reroute the heat so that it doesn’t fog up your windshield.

Warm up Your Machine
If you are still having trouble with fog despite several other solutions, try giving your UTV plenty of time to warm up both inside and out before you hit the trails. This will help alleviate some of the temperature differences that cause fog in the first place!

Cool it Down
Another trick you may try if you’re still having trouble with fog is to turn the cold air on. That’s right, try cracking a window or turning the cold air on just long enough to eliminate the fog. Cold air is usually dry air, so it will help get rid of the moisture on the windshield.

Keep a Towel on-Hand
In case none of these solutions don’t seem to do the trick, make sure you keep a towel on hand to wipe away the fog. It may be a nuisance to stop your UTV every so often to wipe away fog, but having an unhindered view is something you can’t do without! Your safety and the safety of others depends on it.

Lastly, if you’re having major issues with your windshield, it may be time to upgrade to something made of a quality poly-carbonate. At UTV Windshields & Accessories we offer the best windshields on the market with a custom fit so you know it will work perfectly with any UTV you may own. Besides that, we can answer any questions you may have about your windshield. Don’t hesitate to get the best accessories for your UTV; give us a call today!


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