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Why To Invest in a Microfiber Cleaning Kit

Most UTV Windshields get cracked when they are being cleaned. It’s a common mistake to use the wrong cleaning tools—mainly Windex and paper towels. These cleaning tools can actually be harmful to your windshield and leave it vulnerable to scratches and more dirt. A microfiber cleaning kit not only gets your windshield as clean as possible, but it protects and preserves it by reducing static electricity and helping to keep dust from sticking to your windshield. What is microfiber?Microfiber is a densely constructed material made of polyester and nylon fiber. Microfiber is a supreme cleaning tool for many reasons. Because...
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Safety Tips to be Aware of Before You Ride Your UTV

No doubt a news story or two has caught your attention regarding UTV’s and ATV’s. Yes, accidents happen and sometimes they have devastating endings. But not all riders end up in this situation, in fact, most don’t. If you don’t want yourself or those you love to end up in the news, it doesn’t take much. You just need to have a little training and forethought before hitting the trails. Here are a few safety tips to be aware of before you ride your UTV. These tips will help keep both you and other riders safe. Proper MaintenanceNo matter how...
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Which is safer, a UTV or an ATV?

UTV’s and ATV’s serve many purposes; you can use them to get work done, help out a friend, and enjoy time surrounded by nature. But before you hit the trails to have some fun, you also want to make sure you’re safe. While their size, speed, and weight are what make them so helpful, it is also what can cause them to be so dangerous. It doesn’t take much to turn a good time into a deadly one when it comes to UTV’s and ATV’s. But because they are both different, they also have differences when it comes to their...
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