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The Ultimate Summer UTV/ATV Trail List

If you’re looking for the ultimate summer UTV or ATV trail list look no further. With an entire country to explore with a wide variety of terrains, there’s something for everyone no matter what kind of trail you’re looking for. Starting in the west, check out the Imperial Sand Dunes in Brawley, California. It is one of the most popular riding destinations in southern California and all OHV rider scan find something to do there. There are 40 miles of sand dunes from all levels of difficulty. If you’re interested in racing or watching it,  Oldsmobile Hill is a popular...
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Do UTVs Need Oil Changes?

Just as your car needs regular maintenance to run smoothly and operate correctly, so does your UTV. The joints, fittings, air filter, belts, and brakes will all need to be serviced. But do UTVs need oil changes? Yes, they do. Getting the most out of your UTV will only be possible if you regularly get your UTVs oil changed as well as the oil filter. But how often should you be getting the oil changed? Generally, you’ll want to consult your owners manual to see what the recommendations are for your particular UTV. However, if you ride your UTV in...
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How To Fix a Deep Scratch in Your UTV

You head out on your UTV for an intense weekend riding over windy paths, through puddles, and over hills. When you’re all done, like any good UTV owner you begin to clean your UTV. Unfortunately, as you begin spraying off the mud and dust that accumulated on the side of your UTV you notice a long, deep scratch on your machine. It’s a bummer, because you try to keep your UTV in great shape. No one likes scratches on the side of their UTV! The good news is, there are things you can do to fix a deep scratch in...
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