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5 Things You Should Always Have When Riding Your UTV

No matter how short or long your UTV ride is, there are certain items you should always have with you. Not only will they keep you safe, but they will make your ride more enjoyable too! So, without further ado, here are the five things you should always have when riding your UTV. #1. Tool KitWhether your UTV has an issue or you happen upon someone who is having mechanical issues, having a tool kit with you will come in handy. Hopefully it’s a simple repair that you can fix on your own. To do this, you’ll need a tool...
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Common Misconceptions About UTVs

For those new to the UTV world, there is a lot of new information to digest. Unfortunately, some of it is more reliable than others. As you begin to take your UTV out and enjoy some time in the great outdoors, you’ll want to make sure you have all your facts straight. Knowing as much as you can before you head out could save a life! And of course, as you shop for your UTV and look to get into the sport, knowing as much as you can is crucial when you have big decisions to make. To help you...
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The History of UTV’s

Whether you know it as a utility task vehicle (UTV), a recreational off-high vehicle (ROV), a recreational utility vehicle (RUV), or a side-by-side (SXS), the bottom line is it’s a powerful piece of machinery that is extremely useful for many jobs and even more fun on the trails. But the UTV you know and love today isn’t what UTV’s have always been like. UTV’s actually haven’t been around long. It wasn’t until about 1980 that they really began to gain popularity. Over time UTV’s evolved into the fun vehicle they are today. Gain a better appreciation for your UTV by...
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