How Do I Tow My UTV With a Windshield?

Planning a spring outing that requires you to tow your UTV? Believe it or not, there are better and worse ways to approach UTV towing. And what if your UTV is outfitted with windshield? You’ve spent a lot of time and thoughtfully selected the best windshield and other accessories for your ride, and you want to make sure it is safe while in transit. Some will say they have towed their UTV without removing their windshields and haven’t had any issues. But here are a few things to consider before you hop on the highway with that windshield still attached. Towing your UTV with the windshield still attached, particularly with an open trailer, means your UTV will be subject to the same speed and wind as your vehicle. Depending on the type of material your windshield is made of, the style windshield you have installed, and how fast you are going, the wind could cause it to bow, crack or even break. For this same reason, you should never load your UTV facing the rear. If your windshield is still attached and the UTV is facing backwards, as you hit the road it will be like catching wind in a sail. Without proper restraints you can see how it could be a disastrous situation. Besides being subject to the speed and wind of the highway, your UTV windshield is also vulnerable to any debris on the road. Our suggestion at UTV Windshields & Accessories is based on the type of windshield you have installed. If you've installed a full windshield while towing your UTV, it would be best to remove and store the windshield until you've reached your destination.  While traveling 80+ miles an hour it's simply too much surface to be resisting the wind and debris. If you've installed one of our Half Windshields you shouldn't have any issue. The surface area isn't enough to push the resistance past breaking point.  Obviously we can't guarantee against road debris at 80 mph but we haven't had any problems yet. Finally if you have one of our Full Tilt Windshields we recommend simply securing it in the down position.  This should give you a similar situation as the Half Windshield while preserving the ability to switch it to a full windshield when you get to your destination. As you think of UTV towing, be sure to take precaution in all other aspects as well. Make sure you have proper accessories like a D-ring and ratcheting straps. A D-ring is cheap and gives you added hook points for your trailer. You can weld them just about anywhere as placeholders for straps. A ratcheting strap should also be a staple when towing your UTV. Be sure to use a number of straps in varying sizes to be sure your toys are completely stable and secure. Don’t forget to take advantage of your parking break! It’s easy to forget but it is an easy tool you can use to keep your UTV and other drivers safe during UTV towing. And it may be something you don’t think about, but regular maintenance of your UTV and trailer will also ensure safe travels. Avoid unscheduled UTV towing by inspecting regularly and maintaining your UTV. Be sure your trailer is in good condition – this means breaks, electrical system, breakaway chains and reflectors. Be sure you are checking each of these items regularly, and especially before towing your UTV. You should also make sure your trailer tires are in sound condition, and keep a spare handy.

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