UTV Windshields Made in the USA: Why It Matters

Americans are thankfully getting more and more “local”—and in venues besides their food. “Made in the USA” might appear to be nothing more than a slogan, but there are very real benefits to purchasing products manufactured at “home.” UTV Windshields are proudly manufactured and distributed in the US, by a company founded on the belief that the American dream is alive and kicking (or in some instances racing through the trails on a four-wheeler). First, keep in mind that foreign labor conditions might not be up to par with American standards, or even your own ethical perspective. It’s easy to get cheap labor overseas, but this can mean unsafe conditions for workers and extremely low, un-livable wages. Supporting American manufacturers helps to ensure safe conditions, fair pay and that child labor regulations are being abided. Greens and Goodbyes Usually, manufacturing in the US is better for the environment. There are many manufacturing plants in foreign countries using dangerous processes that hurt the environment. To maximize your green purchasing power, make sure to check the processes of the manufacturer. Some are greener than others, even in the US, but with an overseas plant you can’t be sure what you’re supporting. Plus, if a job is sent overseas, they rarely come back. Purchasing American-made helps the economy and the trickledown effect will directly impact you. A strong economy is beneficial to every resident of the US, and it’s worth the premium to be a positive part of the system. Safe and Sound It’s not surprising that if the worker conditions in some countries are subpar, that it will extend to the quality and safety of the product. It’s widely known that some toys made in China contained lead, which made it possible for tens of millions of children to be exposed to this harmful heavy metal. In fact, the U.S. will not allow steel from China to be used in construction in America because of a lack of consistency in quality. Rest easy knowing that US consumer protection laws govern the manufacturing process. They also requires specific material specifications in America to maximize the safety in products. This is especially important in products like UTV windshields that are wholly for your safety and protection. Finally, it’s possible that foreign manufactured products are being made in countries that aren’t American friendly. Political strife can cause a world of issues, and it’s something you shouldn’t need to be mixed up in when you’re trying to get a fair price for a quality item. Instead, buying American means there’s a conflict-free chain that gets the product from the manufacturer to you. Are you doing your part to support American workers? Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you—with the highest quality products and service.

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