How To Keep Your UTV's Engine From Overheating

The closer summer gets, the more things start to heat up! This isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re looking to head to the pool for a relaxing day in the sun. But it can be worrisome when it comes to your UTV’s engine. An overheating engine can leave stuck on a trail or with serious engine issues.

To help you avoid unnecessary damage, here’s how to keep your UTV’s engine from overheating.

Know Your Temperature

Rather than fixing a problem, why not try to avoid it in the first place? If you know the temperature of your engine, you’ll know when it’s starting to get a little too overworked and when you need to cool it down. If your UTV doesn’t already have a built-in temperature gauge, you can buy on after-market.

Check Your Radiator

Your radiator plays the biggest role in keeping your engine cool If you’re the type of UTV rider that likes the challenge of various types of terrain, your UTV may be taking more of a beating than you think. It doesn’t take much mud, leaves, or other debris to clog your radiator. This may make it nearly impossible for the radiator to properly cool fluid. So, if you’re having overheating problems, or want to avoid them, check your radiator often to make sure it is clean and working properly.


Another quick and easy fix for an overheating UTV engine is to make sure you have the correct amount of coolant in your radiator. Regularly check your coolant levels, and be sure to check with the manufacture’s recommendations for mixing and types of coolant.

If your coolant is at a good level, you should also check the condition of the coolant. Sometimes, it may be an issue of proper function rather than quantity. Make sure your engine is cool before checking the radiator cap. You can also try a coolant test to get a better idea of the quality of your coolant.

Cool Your Clutch

One way to keep your engine cool is by keeping your clutch cool too. You can find products on the market that wires into your battery that uses a fan to push the hot air out of your clutch ductwork. You can customize these to turn on automatically when your engine reaches a certain temperature, or manually.

Vented Engine Cover

Another great option to keep your engine from overheating is by opening it up. Vented engine covers allow all that trapped, hot air to escape while still giving you the option of carrying cargo. This UTV accessory is a relatively cheap, and simple fix for overheating engines.

For more UTV accessories to help keep your UTV’s engine cool this summer, or to keep you looking cool on the trail, visit UTV Windshields & Accessories. Besides having some of the highest-quality polycarbonate windshields on the market, UTV Windshields & Accessories has lots of other gadgets and tools to make your ride as enjoyable as possible.

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