Your UTV Accessory Holiday Wish List

UTV Holiday Wish List It’s not too late to get your UTV accessory-laden holiday wish list to Santa. In fact, the timing’s perfect! Whether you’re expecting a snowmobile with a big bow this year or you just want to trick out an existing ride with the latest bells and whistles, there’s no better time than now for an addition or two. In many parts of the country, the best snow trails are just now powder perfect. Make sure you break in your first winter ride in style with a few updates. For starters, a windshield is a must-have for any UTV or snowmobile. Go with a half-tilt or full-tilt option to protect against snow, sleet, hailstones and more. A scratch-resistant, manufacturer-approved model can help keep you and your passengers safe while whipping down trails of winter wonderland. With a double-sided mar-resistant windshield front and center, you can enjoy those winter vistas with the peace of mind of added safety.

Checking It Twice …

Is an Arctic Cat your ride of choice? All windshields customized to fit these big cats are made in the U.S.A. and crafted to take on even the toughest terrains. Don’t worry about branch scratches, frozen rain, or even those perilous icicles hovering over the cabin garage. The unique Lexan material, featured in the highest-quality UTV windshields, can stand up to anything. It’ll ensure your holiday rides aren’t just a blast, but also safe. The holiday season unfortunately comes with inherent risks. This time of year brings more accidents than any other. The treacherous weather, short daylight hours and holiday merriment (in the form of mulled wine and eggnog) are a deadly combination both on the highways and the riding trails. Optimizing the safety of your UTV with a roll bar, roll cage, and new windshield — combined with best practices for safety — can help keep the jolly in your holiday.

What’ll be Under Your Tree?

Some UTV owners want to add a heating system, extra cargo space, or a five-point comfortable seat belt as a special treat. Others are interested in winter tires or even a brand-new UTV just for winter trails. No matter what you have in store for the holiday weeks, put safety first. A great stocking stuffer is a gift certificate to a local training course, even if it’s not required in your state (and even if your recipient has already taken it before). It’s especially helpful if you’ll be introducing any young passengers or drivers to the excitement of UTV trails. Need help choosing the perfect gift? Luckily for Utah residents, the best of the best is right around the corner. A UTV expert can help you make the best choices for your needs and budget. Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories today, your local leaders in all UTV accessories.

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