Unique Uses for UTVs

You might use your UTV on riding trails, the golf course or for shuttling passengers around a sprawling apartment complex. However, your UTV is a great ride for so much more! Get creative with your usage, and you might find that it’s the perfect tool for making your personal and professional life not just easier, but a lot more fun. Depending on the type of UTV you have, from Arctic Cats to Kawasakis, it just might be the solution you’ve been looking for. For starters, get into the holiday spirit by letting your UTV be your little helper. It’s fantastic for carrying exterior lights around outside your home, keeping them dry and protected while you trim the house. It’s also a workhorse for hauling those oversized holiday decorations out of storage. When the job is done, you can even decorate your UTV, turning it into a twinkling decoration on your front lawn. After all, who says Santa has to stick with his old-fashioned sleigh? Here are a few more options for making the most of your UTV, especially in the winter months:
  • Shorten your commute: Depending on where you live, it might be perfectly legal to take your UTV to work, the grocery store, to drop the kids off at school and more. You might need to take back roads, but in some states it’s legal to drive UTVs on some main roads. Check with your local government office first, and then start shaking up your commute.
  • Work out: Riding a UTV on the trails is naturally a workout (anyone who’s been sore the next day knows this is true). However, you can also intentionally use your machine to work out. Choose a more challenging trail, get in as many turns as you can and practice tightening your core during the entire ride. It’s a lot more fun than the gym, and doesn’t require a membership.
  • Escape snowed-in status: If it’s too treacherous to drive your car, or you’ve been snowed in and are in need of supplies, depend on your UTV as your only form of transportation. You can use it to deliver essentials to neighbors, and even as a way to keep warm and cozy while digging your car out of a snow-capped hill. Many UTVs come with options for shovels, and adding this accessory to your cache is a smart move for those in snowy regions.
  • Haul your holiday tree: If you’re the type of person who loves to head into the woods to find and cut down your own tree, let your UTV give you a hand. It can easily haul your tree back to the car, making this family tradition a lot simpler.
How will you be uniquely using your UTV this winter? No matter what you have in mind, depend on UTV Windshield and Accessories to ensure your ride is kitted out right.

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