If Santa Rode a UTV…

Would Santa trade in his sleigh for a UTV? It certainly would make his annual trip around the globe a lot more fun, and he wouldn’t have to take breaks to feed, water and rest those pesky reindeer. If a UTV is on your holiday wish list, watch out — the big man might just keep your present for himself. Nothing compares to the perfect UTV or snowmobile for winter riding, and ’tis the season to upgrade your UTV or kit it out with some new accessories to make the most of snow-blanketed trails. Why not take some tips from Santa, the clear leader when it comes to distance riding and endurance. Check out these UTVs and accessories that would make St. Nick drool:
  • Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail: This snow-ready ride has a better power-to-weight ratio than any other UTV on the market. That makes it ideal for narrow trails and (if need be) tight turns on a dime to get that present down an old-fashioned chimney. Great traction and pro tires from the manufacturer make it a clear winner.
  • Full-tilt windshields: Has your UTV’s windshield seen better days? Don’t skimp when it comes to this key area of protection. A full-tilt windshield made from Lexan will keep you protected no matter what Jack Frost throws your way. From sleet to reindeer droppings to wayward branches, you’ll be safe and sound with this upgrade. Arctic Cat Prowler: This classic UTV made for snow has industry-leading storage, perfect for packing up all those gifts and extra cookies. Renowned suspension makes it easy to prowl over rocks, bumpy trails and of course, slick roofs, should you be parking in what’s usually “reserved for sleighs only” territory.
  • Half windshield: Prefer the wind in your face? Half windshields give you a little more flexibility, but still plenty of security. Also made with Lexan, when it comes time to replace or upgrade your windshields, remember that you deserve only the best. It’s what you get after an entire year of staying off the naughty list.
  • Coleman Outfitter 500 or 700: With on-demand, four-wheel drive, a heavy-duty metal frame and extra storage capacity on the racks, the Outfitter is just what you need for those special winter deliveries. It’s the ultimate long-haul machine, capable of carrying nearly 900 pounds — that’s enough for a guy with a jelly belly and all his swag.
The holidays are nearly here, and you need the right ride to fully enjoy them. After the cocoa has been downed, the gifts opened and the big dinner consumed, what’s next? A winter trail ride is the perfect cap on the holiday season. Call UTV Windshield and Accessories before the end of the year for some fantastic UTV accessory savings.

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