UTV Windshields a Must for Tall Riders

Proper UTV windshields are just one of many must-have accessories for tall riders. How tall is too tall for a UTV? Some UTVs are too small for tall riders to be comfortable, which is why test driving a UTV before buying is always a good idea. However, there’s really no such thing as too tall — UTVs can be customized to create a little extra leg room and head room if necessary. Finding the right fit is paramount to a safe and fun riding experience, but so is kitting out your machine with the right accessories. For starters, roll cages and/or roll bars add additional safety to any type of UTV. However, tall riders might need to special order or design these rollover protection devices to ensure proper head clearance. There’s not going to be much added safety if your head is above the roll bar. Fortunately, the market offers many rollover protection options, and you can often choose personalization as well. Working with a local UTV accessories provider can help you get the ideal accessories, since you and your UTV can be measured for optimal safety. Protection from All Angles Another necessity is a windshield that adequately shields your head, neck and upper body from debris — and catastrophe, should there be an accident. Some riders like to upgrade their windshield, choose more coverage, or need to replace an existing windshield that has seen better days. Choosing a windshield from the same manufacturer that created your UTV is always a good idea. UTV windshields come in a couple of different materials, both with pros and cons. A windshield upgrade lets you pick which material works best for you as well as customize the size in some instances. Some tall riders might also need different seatbelts for comfort. Just like with regular cars, you have a few different options. Remember that comfort and safety are equally important. Having the highest-rated seatbelt on the market doesn’t mean much if you won’t use it because it’s uncomfortable. Seatbelts themselves can be further customized with items like padding for those longer rides. Appealing to the Masses It makes sense that UTV manufacturers try to please as many people as possible, which means designing machines that best fit average heights. Taller riders may have vastly different preferences when it comes to UTVs, leaning toward the bigger machines that are roomier. To find the UTV and all the requisite accessories that best suit you, depend on a local UTV leader. Call UTV Windshields and Accessories to talk with a professional about proper fit, safety accessories and windshield/rollover options for riders who need a little additional headroom.

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