Kawasaki UTV Windshields for Every Model

Having the right Kawasaki UTV windshield for your Kawasaki ride is critical — you don’t want a no-name brand that isn’t custom-designed to fit your UTV keeping you protected while off-roading. Luckily, one of the leaders in UTVs offers an impressive lineup of windshield options so you can replace, upgrade or supersize as you see fit. Kawasaki UTVs often come with Kawasaki-brand windshields, but what if you want more security? What if your windshield is worn after several years of heavy use? This is one accessory that’s fast, affordable and fun to replace. Every Kawasaki UTV windshield is made in America, but that’s where the similarities end. An extensive selection is what you need, whether you have a Teryx, Teryx 4, Teryx 2, a two-seater, four-seater or all of the above. Following are some of the windshield options available to increase your safety and your next joy ride. Rough Riders Need Protection By far, one of the most popular options is the Kawasaki Teryx full-tilt windshield, offering supreme, double-sided coverage that’s resistant to mars. It’s nearly impossible to scratch, yet simple to clean. Change it from half mode to full mode on a whim. There’s also the Teryx Dust Guard for many two-seaters (except the 2014 model) and the Teryx 4-seater half windshield for models from 2014 and older. The latter one stands 17.5 inches tall. Looking for a little more coverage and flexibility? The Kawasaki Teryx 4-seater full tilt windshield lets you choose a half-windshield or full windshield depending on the terrain and weather. You can also opt for the premium, double-sided, scratch-resistant option in this model for a little added safety. Like a Fine Wine … Older Kawasaki UTVs, much like fine wines, sometimes only get better with age. Options abound for models from 2009 and older, from half windshields to full windshields and convertibles up to 19.7 inches high. You can still get that extra mar-resistant quality, but in a windshield designed to fit your model’s specific year. From 2010-2013, the Teryx featured a two-seater model, and customized windshields just for these limited editions are still readily available, starting at 16.5 inches high. Perhaps you’re more of the “must-have-the-latest-model” type of rider. Good news: 2015 model windshields are available, and the 2016 windshields will be an option as soon as those models hit the showroom floors. Not sure which year your UTV is, or you have an entire fleet? The Kawasaki Teryx 2-seater half-windshield for all years is a guaranteed perfect fit. Kit your Kawasaki in style, starting with premium windshields from the American manufactured brand itself. Call UTV Windshield and Accessories to quickly find the perfect windshield for you, and make your next ride your best ride.

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