5 UTV Accessories for Autumn

The right UTV accessories can make the difference between an OK hunting trip and an amazing one. They can dramatically change autumn work, such as hauling leaves, making it simple or a nightmare. As the weather begins to cool, it’s time to start considering how you’ll be using your UTV in the autumn. Maybe it’s at the ready for epic autumn trail runs, weekends of hunting or assisting with a major renovation project at your home. Perhaps you depend on your UTVs to whisk visitors around a campus or golf course, and autumn is your busy season. Do you have the best UTV accessories to make this season one for the record books? Are those accessories updated, well maintained and perfectly functioning? The end of summer is the perfect time to pick up some must-have UTV accessories. The days of summer riding might be coming to a close, but every rider knows autumn is when the magic happens. Here are some necessary UTV accessories to consider adding to your ride or fleet:
  • New windshields: Go full-tilt or half-windshield, but know that having manufacturer windshields on your UTV is one of the best ways to increase safety. A windshield is especially important as the leaves, rain and then snow start falling. You want to ensure those hunting trips aren’t sullied by being unable to navigate bushy trails.
  • Roll bars and cages: “Only the good die young” is a mantra you don’t want to experience if you’re a thrill-seeker. Not all UTVs come with built-in roll bars or cages. However, it’s a simple and affordable addition that can save your life. It’s critical for every UTV owner, but especially those who have younger passengers on board.
  • Heating systems: If you plan on enjoying your UTV in chilly weather, a built-in heater designed for your specific UTV can ensure you have all the comforts of home. They’re especially helpful if you’ll be sitting in your UTV (perhaps stalking prey) for hours at a time. This is one accessory you don’t want to take a DIY approach to since, if installed incorrectly, it can be a fire hazard.
  • New tires: Summer tires are different from winter tires, and they perform differently. Make sure your tires are both high quality and suitable for autumn, which is dictated by your region and the ground you plan to cover. Having two sets of tires is common, and they need to be rotated just like your car’s tires.
  • Extra storage: Options for storage are nearly endless, whether you want a trailer to haul lumber or a bunk area above your head for a little extra gear. Remember where you wish you had storage last year? Be proactive this time around.
Accessorizing your UTV is one of the most enjoyable parts of ownership. Contact UTV Windshields and Accessories for the best prices and inventory for all your UTV accessories.

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