Upgrade Your Yamaha UTV Windshields

  Your Viking is tough, and it deserves Yamaha UTV windshields worthy of those epic off-roading adventures. As the only genuine three-person side-by-side on the market, the Viking pulls triple duty whether you’re hunting, off-roading for kicks or working a serious landscaping job that requires at least three people to complete. It’s Yamaha’s most powerful UTV, featuring a 686 cc, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled SOHC power plant. This top-of-the-line engine offers low-end acceleration and has the rpms to power through even the toughest of hills and trails. Of course, such a rough rider will come across a challenge or two that pushes it to the limit. Even the massive air intake system can’t work miracles. Make sure your Yamaha UTV windshields come from the Yamaha factory directly to the windshield provider nearest you — this safety feature is critical, and it’s no time for settling for knockoffs. Should you need to replace your windshield, demand the Yamaha brand — the only brand designed to custom-fit this beast. Rough Roads Ahead Thanks to the Ultramatic transmission boasting dual-range drive, you’re getting state-of-the-art drive systems with the Viking. Enjoy sustained belt tension, which means less wear and tear on your belt, and a special sprag clutch for AWD braking downhill and a 4WD mode when you need it most (which is often, with a Viking). All of these features make for a much safer ride, but don’t forget about added protection. The quality of your windshields, belts, roll bars and cages can make the difference between a minor bump in the road and a major catastrophe. A Well-Oiled Machine Riders adore the Viking because it offers the one-of-a-kind On-Command 4WD system that allows you to go between 2WD and 4WD with ease, thanks to the three-position design. Each of the three seats offers padded headrests, three-point seat belts and a dedicated handhold for extra security. The driver’s seat is adjustable, and the total seating position is staggered for the ultimate in comfort. Plus, with the e-power steering tech, there’s less strain and fatigue for the driver. People become Yamaha fans for life for a number of reasons, and safety is one of them. This industry leader marries comfort with performance and safeguarding, so you get the trifecta of an elite experience. The newest Yamaha chassis for the Viking has a pass-through floor for optimal use, so you can get in or out of the UTV from either side. Plus, with a roomy cargo bed in the rear created from 100 percent steel, you can easily haul your loads, kills or gear without worrying about over-packing. Make your Viking the best it can be by ensuring the best accessories are on board. Call UTV Windshield and Accessories today for Yamaha UTV windshields and other Yamaha extras.

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