Honda UTV Windshields for Off-Roading Safety

The Pioneer 500 demands a prime Honda UTV windshield created just for this off-roading machine. As any Pioneer fan knows, the 500 acts like a regularly sized side-by-side, complete with enough passenger room for hours of adventure. It boasts incredible off-roading, but with a SxS twist. It’s actually a lot narrower than what you’d expect from a full-size, able to maneuver on the tightest of trails and fits easily into your average truck bed. Basically, it’s begging for off-roading shenanigans, but gives you all the features you want in a full-size, such as 4WD, paddle shifting and independent rear suspension. The one missing ingredient? A Honda UTV windshield that drastically increases your safety. If you want to go where no other side-by-side can, you need the accessories no other side-by-side offers as standard. Barreling down terrain that’s barely 50 inches wide and taking on rural regions comes with risks. While the paddle shifters help with maneuvering and the incredible 5.9-inch front wheel/ground clearance makes travel a little easier, there’s no such thing as too much protection. Adding Honda-manufactured windshields that won’t shatter make the difference between a close call and a serious injury. The Price of Power It might be compact, but the 500 comes with a fuel-injected engine, a beltless transmission with five speeds and it doubles as a recreational and work machine. It can haul 450 pounds and features genuine compression braking, but remember that “with great power comes great responsibility” — and that rule isn’t just for superheroes. When you’re operating a 475 cubic centimeter longitudinal engine with a single cylinder, accidents can happen, especially at high speeds. The Pioneer 500 has power sent directly to the wheels via a front-to-back crankshaft located in the chassis, which lowers powertrain friction. That’s great for trail racing, but comes with added risks, should a collision occur. There’s no denying that the 500 is a thrill to drive, and the handling makes it impossible to resist off-roading. Gear heads can’t get enough of the lightweight semi-dry sump engine with an overhead valve. A lower center of gravity and more ground clearance means you can take on trails that weren’t available before, and with new-to-you trails comes new-to-you challenges. Honda is renowned for reliability, premium engineering and durability. Make sure all your Honda parts are genuine. Connect with UTV Windshields and Accessories today for true Honda UTV parts to make your ride just as safe as it is fun.

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