Top Four Reasons To Buy A UTV

With the new year approaching, you may be considering a new toy for summer that offers an exciting adventure. If so, consider buying a UTV. Learn the top reasons why you should consider purchasing a UTV.

What is a UTV?

A Utility Terrain Vehicle or what some call a Utility Task Vehicle features a side-by-side design, meaning the passenger sits beside the driver, instead of behind. They are larger than ATVs, and you operate them with a steering wheel instead of handlebars; they also have gas and brake pedals. Most UTVs also comes equipped with a cage or roll bar. 

They carry more passengers than ATVs and have rear seats to equal four seats. Many UTVs have a dedicated bed in the back to store your belongings and are more customizable than ATVs. Also, they contain seat belts to make it safe, especially for children. These fun and sporty vehicles come with many different options that allow you to pick one that’s perfect for your style, environment, or desires. 

Why Should I Consider a UTV?

Several reasons to consider buying a UTV includes:

  • Exciting adventures - What better way to spend a summer day than spinning around in the mud or traversing around the mountain terrain. Whether you want to cruise around the countryside with friends or family, a UTV is the perfect off-roading vehicle to enjoy. You get a license to explore other areas, capturing the essence of what it means to truly feel the wind in your hair and on your face.
  • Perfect for friends and family - Enjoying a weekend with family that includes no reservations and pure fun makes for an ideal time to make memories. Or, if you want to tackle some rough terrain, bring your friends and have the time of your life. Having a UTV ensures you have plenty of space for multiple passengers. 
  • Functional - Not only are they fun, but UTVs are quite useful. You can use them for more than just off-roading experiences. For instance, you can use it if you need to shovel your driveway, haul landscaping materials, or run across town to visit a friend. They get excellent gas mileage and equipped with a variety of accessories to accommodate your particular needs and desires.
  • Provides safety - Being one of the safest toys on the market, you can’t go wrong with a UTV. UTVS not only come with seat belts, but they also provide a roll cage, just in case of a rollover. They are built to withstand anything they drive over. Whether it’s over sand, rocks, tree branches, or other obstacles, they can power over them while keeping people safe. You can install windshields to keep the sun or other debris out of your eyes, as well as rearview mirrors for attention to detail.

Call UTV Windshields & Accessories

Once you take the plunge and purchase a UTV, you’re going to need accessories. We have a variety of accessories and windshields in which to choose, so please contact us today to learn what we offer and what’s best for your UTV.

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