What’s The Best Way To Clean UTV Windshields

Windshields play a crucial role in vehicles, especially in UTVs, where it’s critical for safety and enjoyment while you’re off-roading. Whether you have a high-quality, customized polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass windshield, would you risk ruining it, due to the wrong type of care? Read on to learn about the best way to clean your UTV windshield, so it keeps you and your passengers safe.

Different Types of Windshields

There are only three different windshields, as stated above, but do you clean them the same way? The answer is no. Some people think you clean a plexiglass windshield the same way you clean a polycarbonate one. Not true. Because they contain different composite materials, they each have a unique way to clean them. For instance, polycarbonate windshields are harder to fix scratches or haziness than plexiglass or acrylic. Here are the best ways to clean your windshields.


This type of material requires additional special care than that of acrylic or glass. Since you may encounter rocks, mud, tree branches, dust, or snow and rain, it’s imperative your windshield is clean, so you have a clear view of the road ahead. If you don’t care for your windshield correctly, you can cause damage and a potentially dangerous situation.

The only approved window cleaner is ammonia. That doesn’t mean you can use Windex on this type of windshield. There are several types of household cleaners with ammonia in them, but it doesn’t mean you should use them. And, never use an abrasive cleaner, which means no scouring powders or even SoftScrub. Also, don’t use dry cloths or abrasive pads. Look online to find a good polycarbonate windshield cleaner. A few to try are Novus and Brillianzie, which are the most recommended and labeled most effective by polycarbonate manufacturers. Using a soft cloth with get the job done, but first, blow off any dust or float it off with water. Don’t wipe it with your hand or a dry cloth. Using a microfiber or terry cloth, apply the cleaner. Your windshield will be sparkling.


A few ways to clean acrylic or plexiglass include using a microfiber cloth and soapy water. However, it may require heavier cleaning, depending on how dirty or damaged it is. Start by cleaning off the debris and then wetting the cloth. Then, make sure you lightly blot the surface of the windshield, instead of applying pressure as you wipe. Scratches can develop if you rub too hard. Once you clean the entire windshield, use a dry cloth to dry, or buff the area to reduce future stains.

Don’t use paper towels because they could cause scratching. Also, unlike with polycarbonate, don’t use ammonia-based products. Harmful chemicals can damage the acrylic. For more advanced cleaning, you can scrape, sand, buff, or flame polish your acrylic. Take note: these methods are not for beginners.


Although glass it the least popular windshield material, due to its increased risk of shattering, if a rock gets thrown on it, it’s pretty easy to clean. This is when you can use Windex or even Vinegar and a soft towel. Repeat the steps above for a streak-free shine finish.

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