Polaris UTV Windshields for Business

Quality Polaris UTV windshields can be the best accessory for your business’ UTV. Moving into the autumn, UTV owners begin using their machines for different reasons. Fall landscaping is in full swing, and the Polaris Ranger and RZR series are ideal for jobs large and small. However, hauling debris, soil, fertilizer and lumber around a property is tough and dangerous work. Adding or upgrading a half or full-tilt Polaris UTV windshield can help get the job done as safely as possible. It’s also the time of year when college and university campus tours are heating up. Sprawling campuses can be a challenge to walk, especially for visitors with mobility issues. Many institutions have a fleet of UTVs at the ready to make tours more comfortable and accessible. Adding a Polaris UTV windshield to these touring machines makes the ride easier for everyone (including those potential donors who want to see what the school is up to).

Your Business Model

No matter what type of Polaris model you have, if you use it for business, then it’s a necessity to keep it upgraded and maintained. UTVs are increasingly common for a variety of businesses. They’re used in airports as a shuttle service, can be found in apartment communities to make tours easier and of course are staples on golf courses. Anywhere a business needs to tote around visitors, a Polaris UTV can be a great addition to your tools. These UTVs also might be a tax write-off — and so are their upgrades. Never install anything but a manufacturer’s windshield on your Polaris. However, given the rough terrain many UTVs face, a time likely will come when you’ll want to replace these windshields. Polaris offers a wide variety of windshield options to choose from, including tilts, full and half models. The right windshield accessory can improve your business and image.

Autumn Checklist

Businesses use their UTVs for different tasks based on the season. In the autumn, they’re commonly used for harvest festivities, whether you’re running a pumpkin patch on a farm or hauling around Halloween decorations for your company’s famous haunted house fundraiser. As summer segues to fall, make sure a professional inspects your UTVs. Now is the time for routine repairs and perhaps an upgrade or two. Two major safety features of a UTV include the windshield and the roll bar. Make sure these elements are scratch-free and in perfect working condition. Unlike other types of windshields, UTV windshields are built to take a beating, whether it’s from wayward branches on an off-road trail or stones kicked up at an excavation site. But even UTV windshields will need replacing at some point. Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories for Polaris UTV windshields and more to get your business ready for autumn.

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