UTV Accessories Help Bust Riding Myths

Did you know the right UTV accessories can drastically improve the safety of your rides — while busting misconceptions about UTVing in the process? There’s a lot of outdated, poor and flat-out wrong information about UTVs, especially when it comes to trail riding and competitions. Just like any other activity, a few bad apples (read: People who don’t follow proper riding safety instructions) can sometimes give riding a bad name. Fortunately, anyone who’s learned to ride safely can serve as an ambassador for what’s ultimately a safe, exciting and fun way to work out and bond with friends. If you’re a new rider, maybe you’ve heard some of these myths yourself. If you’re a seasoned pro, you’ve probably already done your fair share of educating people. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, know that having quality UTV accessories can make a world of difference with safety. Here are a few of the biggest riding myths, and the reality:

1. Riding isn’t safe:

This is probably the biggest whopper of all. A lot of activities aren’t technically safe if you don’t have the right equipment, if you have been drinking, don’t maintain your equipment or take unnecessary risks, such as driving your UTV as a car or even crossing a busy street! A UTV is safe if you follow best practices, keep it legal and especially if you upgrade to a roll cage.

2. It’s not a workout:

Riding a UTV is a great full-body workout — as anyone who’s been sore in all the good ways afterward can attest to. Plus, it can be a mental workout, too (or a means of meditation). The workout is similar to riding a horse, but without that saddle soreness afterward. Best of all? It doesn’t feel like a workout, which is probably where the misconception started.

3. They’re easy to maintain:

This is somewhat true, but a UTV isn’t necessarily easy to maintain on your own without professional help. They’re just like cars in this way. If you have a strong background in UTV repairs and maintenance, you may be able to DIY. However, going for over a year without an inspection can lead you into dangerous territory. Play it safe and have a local pro give your machine the once over.

4. Riding alone is OK:

It’s almost never a good idea to ride alone, and remember there is safety in numbers. This is particularly true for long, challenging or unfamiliar trails. What if the UTV breaks down, you get in an accident or you get lost in a blizzard while on a snowmobile? Always travel in groups, or at the very least with a riding buddy. Defensive driving isn’t just for your daily commute. Upgrade your UTV with the latest safety accessories for peace of mind and a safer ride. Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories for all your UTV accessory needs.

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