Honda UTV Windshields a Labor Day Must

Upgrading your Honda UTV windshields can turn your Labor Day weekend into a ride for the record books. It’s the last official summer riding weekend of 2015, and you need to make it count. This also means keeping it safe. By adding or upgrading your Honda UTV windshields, whether you’re a half-tilt kind of rider or you go full windshield, you’re guaranteeing a more enjoyable and secure experience for drivers and passengers alike. Plus, September is the perfect time to kit out your Honda with all the accessories and safety features necessary for cooler weather. You might be able to eke out one more weekend with a shoddy windshield when the sun’s shining, but it’s still a gamble. You won’t have such luck when there’s heavy rain, sleet, snow, hail and more to handle. By fine-tuning your machine now, you’re ensuring the best possible last summer ride while getting geared up early for winter riding.

All Honda All Year

Never trust any windshield or other security feature that isn’t crafted especially for your Honda. Whether you have a Pioneer 500 or the classic model, Honda UTV windshields are manufactured specifically for your ride. Choose from 14-inch, half-tilt models or 50-inch, full windshields that come with scratch resistance and the durability to carry you through even the toughest of terrains. Note that not all Honda windshields automatically fit all Honda models — work with a local professional to make sure you get the right windshield for your specific ride. Windshields are just the start of what makes an epic Labor Day Weekend ride. You may also want to add a roll cage or bar into the mix, particularly if you’re taking on treacherous or new trails (or if you have young passengers with you). Take this time to pick up a UTV heater too, which you’ll need soon enough for snow trails. Make sure the lights, brakes and tires are in tip-top shape, upgrading and repairing as necessary.

Not So Labor Intensive

A few repairs and a little maintenance now can give you a smoother ride for Labor Day and beyond. This is one of the busiest trail-riding weekends of the year, and having more people out means more opportunities for accidents. Defensive UTV riding skills are required, as are the right tools. You can’t control what others do on the trails, such as drinking or taking risks they shouldn’t. However, you can make sure your Honda UTV is in premier working order and has all the accessories available to increase your safety. Say farewell to summer in style, complete with a UTV that has everything possible for a thrilling but safe ride. A number of accessories are available that can instantly improve the aesthetics, protection and value of your ride. Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories for your Honda UTV windshields and more, just in time for the holiday.

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