4 Surprising Ways UTV Accessories Up Your Workout

With the right UTV accessories, you can turn your next trail run into a serious workout. As every rider knows, the best workouts are the ones that don’t seem like a chore at all. The intensity of a UTV workout depends on your ride, your current fitness level, the trail and how you handle your machine. There’s a big difference between zipping around in a golf cart all day and taking your Kawasaki to the mountain trails. However, regardless of your workout, adding in a few key accessories can optimize your fitness. For starters, make sure you have the best windshields for your needs. Windshields protect your face from debris, helping to prevent damage, vision trouble and tension headaches brought on by squinting against kicked-up dirt, sand and snow. A roll bar or cage is a necessity for extreme riders, allowing you to stay as safe as possible and take on more — and smarter — challenges. Is your UTV tricked out enough to help you achieve your fitness goals? Consult with a pro and make the most of these surprising health and wellness UTV perks:

1. Mindful meditation:

Genuine meditation doesn’t always have to be done in a lotus position while chanting ohm. In fact, many people meditate on a run, walk or riding their UTV. Meditation is the achievement of a blank, peaceful mind and often happens in increments of just a few seconds. It’s one of the best fitness goals for holistic health, but you need to feel safe and comfortable to achieve it.

2. Muscle toning:

It takes a lot of strength and flexibility to pull off some of the most challenging trails and courses. UTV riding is a true full-body workout, demanding muscles that you may never or rarely use. Accessories can make achieving these movements easier and smoother, so don’t settle for “right-off-the-truck,” factory-created features.

3. A healthy heart:

UTV riding gets your blood pumping, your heart rate up and your adrenaline rushing. It’s part of an active lifestyle, and that can help strengthen your heart — your body’s most precious muscle. However, there’s a fine line between excitement and fear. If you don’t feel safe because of your UTV’s lack of a roll bar, you’re playing a dangerous game. Aim for excitement, not actual fear, to give your heart a healthy kick.

4. Mental fitness:

Choose a variety of courses. Smooth, easy trails are great for reflection and meditation. More challenging trails keep your mind alert. When riding a UTV, you need to practice defensive driving and situational awareness, which helps keep your brain sharp. Fitness comes in many shapes and forms. Make sure you have an optimized ride to make your next workout even better. Connect with UTV Windshield and Accessories for all your options, add-ons and upgrades.

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