Picking The Right Tires For Your Terrain

No one really like to hear that their tires are worn down and it is time for a replacement. It’s usually the price tag that first comes to mind, but it shouldn’t be. Instead, think of your new set of tires as an opportunity to explore an entirely new terrain! Whether your tires are bald and in desperate need of a replacement or you’re looking for a second set, read on for tire options that will get you out and exploring a new terrain.



If you’re looking at stack of UTV tires, you’ll likely notice a sand tire right away. The tread is uniquely shaped; a paddle-like thread is made to “scoop” sand. This gives your machine the ability to grip the sand and move forward. But this tread is specific for the rear tires. Generally, you will want something with a limited tread, just a rib down the center, on the front tires to keep them from sinking while providing some maneuverability. Sand tires are also very lightweight for this same reason. Because they are so unique, sand tires will not work in any other type of terrain.

Mud Even if you’re not afraid to get a little mud on your tires, make sure they are the right kind of tires for mud.  Choose something with a wide, inside-to-outside, tread pattern. This will keep the mud moving through your tread instead of stuck in it. Wide, deep treads will give you excellent traction and control on soft terrains. Mud tires can actually work on other terrains as well, with the exception of hard-packed trails. UTV-Windshields-and-Accessories-Valentines-1-1038x576

Hard If you prefer riding on hard pack terrain or rocky terrain, you’ll want a hard terrain tire with plenty of grip. Look for a tight tread pattern to give you good contact. If you’re one who’s known to enjoy climbing rocks in you UTV, you’ll want to look for a deep, angle tire tread for extra grip. Choose a durable tire to keep you rolling no matter what may come across your path.

Trail Trail tires, or all-terrain tires, is your best bet for an all-purpose tire. They won’t be amazing for any one terrain in particular, but they have a wide range of traction to allow you to enjoy pretty much any type of terrain. These would be a great choice if you can only choose one set of tires. CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - MAY 03: Undefined Driver on Side-by-Side Vehicles (UTV) on the tracks, May 03, 2015 in Chiang mai, Thailand.

Racing If you’re have a need for speed and often enter UTV races, you should consider racing tires. These tires usually have a knob-like pattern which will make them work well for medium or hard terrains. They are also very lightweight to get you through your course as quickly as possible. However, this light material means your tires may wear out faster. Whether this is your first set of tires or you 80th, choose the best tire for you and the terrains you’d like to ride. For any other questions about UTV tires or other accessories, visit UTV Windshield & Accessories today.

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