5 Common Uses for a UTV Beyond Trail Riding

It’s in the name – Utility Task Vehicle. Besides being used for trail riding, your UTV is capable assisting you in many different tasks and in many different environments. While going out and hitting up the trails is definitely one of the highlights of owning a UTV, that’s not the only thing it can do for you. While the weather is still good, make the most of your UTV and check out five common uses for a UTV beyond trail riding.   Lawn Care Summer means lawn mowing, gardening, weeding and general yard work. Did you know your UTV can help? If you have a farm, garden or even a large lawn, you can use your UTV to make your chores easier. Load the bed of your UTV with animal feed, bring in mulch for your flowerbed, use it to collect and haul off weeds. Let our UTV hold the equipment while you spray for weeds. Using your UTV for lawn care could be something as simple as loading your garden hose in the back and moving it to another side of the house. There is no end to the uses for your UTV around the house to accomplish simple tasks. And don’t forget in the wintertime you can use your UTV to shovel snow too! Unique-UTV-Uses-1038x576 Running Errands If your UTV is street legal, you can use it to run down to the grocery store to pick up another gallon of milk, drop a child off to play with the neighborhood friend, or use it for any number of nearby errands. The possibilities here are endless. UTV Races You feel confident on the trails, so why not give yourself another challenge and enter a UTV race? There are many different kinds of races you can choose from, for example rally races or desert races. You can also choose a race length that’s right for you and your driving level. And in the great state of Utah you will have race options to choose from every weekend, both near and far. UTV-Packing-List Hunting If you’ve never considered taking your UTV out with you on a hunt, you’ve really been missing out. Many hard-core hunters have a gun rack on their UTV along with other UTV accessories to make their hunt easier. Leaving your truck at home is a no-brainer when you can have the same comforts in a smaller, more maneuverable vehicle. Plus, why waste an opportunity to have camo graphics put on your UTV? Mudding   On your trail rides you’ve probably gone through a mud puddle or two, but have you gone all out mudding? Head out to a swampy, wet area to enjoy one of the best summertime activities with your UTV. Mudding will be just as fun as trail riding, but with a good change in scenery to allow you to fall in love with your UTV all over again. Just remember to never go alone, without a winch, or without an air filter above the waterline. UTV-Windshields-and-Accessories-Valentines-1-1038x576 These and other activities besides trail riding may require additional equipment. For any of your UTV additions and attachment needs, call UTV Windshields & Accessories. They’ll help you get out enjoying plenty of other options besides just the trails.

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