ATV vs UTV: Pros and Cons

If you’re in the market for a new machine you’re probably wondering which is better, an ATV or a UTV? Today we’re helping you make a little pros and cons list for each one so you’ll have a better idea which machine is right for you. Most of these pros or cons will be depend highly on your personal preferences and expectations. Are you looking for something to take hunting? Maybe you need an extra hand around a big yard or farm. Or perhaps you want your ATV or UTV just for fun or trail riding. Consider the purpose of your machine as you check out this pros and cons list. VS


Pros An ATV is going to be smaller, lighter, and more narrow than a UTV. This means you’ll have better maneuverability. You’ll be able to get to more tight, hard to reach places while on an ATV too. You will also have a smaller impact on the environment. On an ATV you’ll have lots of room. The machine is beneath leaving the space above you and around you completely open. With an ATV you’ll have handlebars instead of a steering wheel. All of the steering, buttons and controls will be different. This could be a pro or a con depending on what feels best to you. Cons Because the ATV is smaller you’ll be able to carry/haul less. You don’t have extra seating or storage space. Your rack capacity will probably be about 100 pounds. While an ATV gives you much more room, getting on and off an ATV can be tiresome if you have to do it often or have trouble getting your leg up and over the seat/handlebars.


Pros Unlike the ATV, a UTV is going to be bigger, heaving and wider. This means you’re going to be able to carry more people and equipment. The bed of a UTV can carry anywhere from 200 to 1000 pounds! If you’re hunting or using your UTV for work, you’ll get to use that bed to carry many different kinds of tools. In a UTV you’ll be more protected from the elements staying warmer and dryer. You will also be driving on seat which will give you added comfort. They can often has outlets to plug phones in and a glove-box which are an added luxury an ATV doesn’t have. Because of its size, you’re likely going to be able to pull much more with a UTV and do much more heavy duty work with it. As with the ATV, the UTV will be set up differently with a steering wheel and different buttons and controls. Again, this can be a pro or a con. You just have to decide what you prefer. If you purchase a UTV, you get to choose fun accessories and additions for your machine from UTV Windshield and Accessories. Cons Because a UTV is much bigger, there may be times that you can’t go as many places as an ATV. The cabin of a UTV may feel restrictive when compared with the openness of the ATV. This is especially true if you are very tall. Conclusion ATV’s and UTV’s both have great qualities. You’ll be happy with your choice as long as you keep the purpose of your machine in mind and choose what is best for you. Happy riding or driving!

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