What safety supplies should I bring with me on the trail?

It’s the last thing you want to happen, but the first thing you should prepare for – an emergency. No matter how well prepared you are, or how experienced you are as a rider, sometimes things go wrong. Hopefully it’s just a minor hiccup, but sometimes situations can turn out to be much more serious. Either way, you want to be sure you’re prepared for whatever may be ahead. Being prepared is crucial. But just exactly what safety supplies should you bring on the trail? You’ll want to take a good mix of things that will keep you safe and able to deal with the problems in front of you. But you’ll also want to bring the supplies necessary to keep your machine running and get you home.

Safety Supplies

You may not think of this as a safety supply, but a helmet is probably one of the best things you can have on your UTV to keep you safe. No matter how short or long the ride, don’t take the risk of letting your noggin be hurt. Throw in some goggles too protect your eyes. You should already be wearing long sleeved pants and shirt with boots and gloves. It’s also a good idea to bring an extra top, pair of pants, and gloves in case the pair you’re wearing gets wet or ruined. Be sure to have plenty of water in your safety supply stash. Not only will it be good for you if you become dehydrated, but it can be used in a pinch for an overheated engine or radiator. It should go without saying that your UTV safety supply should also include a first aid kit.

And Your Machine

There are some basic tools you should keep on hand for your machine too. The most basic are a screwdriver, wrench and pliers. Your UTV may even come with some of these things! Zip-ties and duct tape can work for many situations in a pinch. Vise-grips are great to have on hand too for jobs that may be too big for your pliers. A tow strap, winch and extra gas are also great things safety supplies to have on hand, and can benefit you and other riders!

Other equipment

Be sure to keep a flashlight with spare batteries on your UTV in case you are ever out and the sun starts to set. It’ll also help you see hard-to-reach places on your UTV in need of repair. Fire-starting tools should always be part of your safety supply on the UTV, along with a multi-tool, map and compass. Be sure to take a radio or cell phone with you too, so you’re able to call for help should the worst happen. It's important to have at least 24-48 hours of food rations as well.  These methods vary, dehydrated, freeze dried and in health bar form are the most common. For more ideas about safety supplies or any other equipment needs, be sure to talk with the experts at UTV Windshields and Accessories. They can help you outfit your UTV with the things you need to stay safe, as well as accessories that will make your ride even more enjoyable. Be sure to like us on Facebook!

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