The Top 10 UTV Accessories

With hundreds of accessories you can purchase for your UTV, it can feel impossible to narrow them down. Luckily we’ve done the leg work for you; keep reading to see the top 10 UTV accessories. Helmet and Goggles This may not be classified as an accessory, but a helmet and goggles is something that should be with your UTV at all times. Safety should always come first no matter what kind of activity you’re doing. AdobeStock_48758900 (1) Emergency Kit Like a helmet and goggles, having an emergency kit in you UTV is one accessory you can’t afford to go without. You can find small kits that won’t take up much room but will still provide the essentials such as a knife, duct tape, and other emergency supplies. Loading Ramp If you have a truck, a loading ramp can really take your riding to a whole new level. Instead of asking your buddies to borrow their trailer you can simply drive your UTV into the bed of your truck with the help of your trusty loading ramp, and you’re good to go! Be sure to choose a sturdy, aluminum ramp. Windshield A UTV windshield is one of the best accessories you can purchase. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the type of material you want, the coverage, and how you want it mounted. A UTV windshield will keep you warm in the winter, improve visibility, and protect you from debris, among many other perks. Polaris Ranger Windshield Camouflage If you like to spend a lot of time hunting with your UTV or simply prefer to stay under the radar on the trails, you may want to consider camouflage. This could mean a custom paint job, or simply buying other camo accessories. Either way you will be ready for stealth-mode with this accessory. Winch Whether it helps you or your friends on the trail, you won’t be sorry you have a winch with you when you’re in a sticky situation. A winch is generally pretty affordable and easy to install. If you’ve ever been stuck in the snow or mud you know that a winch is one accessory you won’t be sorry you have.   Plow Your UTV can be used for much more than simple trail rides. If you live in a snowy state (hello Utahns!) a plow is one accessory that will give you year-round use of your UTV while keeping your driveway and sidewalks clear in the wintertime. Time to ditch the snow shovel! Unique-UTV-Uses-1024x698 Cargo Net Of course you’re taking advantage of the space on your UTV to haul things, but do you have a cargo net? Bungee cords work OK, but a cargo net works much better to keep items you transport from budging. Music System Who says you can’t rock out to some music while you’re riding or working? As long as it doesn’t compromise your safety or that of others, a music system can be a really fun accessory to have. Rear storage No one complains about too much storage space! Having soft or hard mountable storage boxes for the back of your UTV will keep small items close by and protected. Whether you’re looking for all 10 of these accessories or something else, visit UTV Windshields & Accessories for your UTV needs.

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