Lighting the Way - UTV Lighting 101

Luckily Daylight Savings brings with it more light. But your UTV-riding days won’t get drastically longer overnight! If you’re itching to take your UTV out as the weather warms up, you can easily lose track of time and find yourself puttering along in the dark. This can quickly turn any recreational UTV ride into a frustrating attempt to get home and in extreme cases a life-threatening situation! Save yourself some hassle and get a light for your UTV! Not sure where to start? Keep reading for your UTV lighting 101. While your UTV headlights will light the path, installing some auxiliary lighting will help you see further and clearer. This means you don’t have to wait for the sun to keep enjoying your UTV! Not only that, but you’ll be much safer in the process. Type of Light If you’re shopping for a lightbar for your UTV, you’ll probably hear the term LED. LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED lights don’t actually have any lightbulbs! Instead they are powered by an electrical current. What does this mean for you, and why should you choose LED? Well for starters, they give off more light than a lightbulb and they use less power. They offer more light for a smaller size and have a longer lifetime as well. Size of your Light Lighting for your UTV can come in many different shapes and sizes. You will probably see lights as small as a few inches all the way up to large bars, 30 inches or more long! The size you choose will help determine how much light you’ll get. But it’s not just about the size you choose; where you decide to mount the light bar will make a big difference as well. Power Source When shopping for UTV lighting, you also need to consider your power source. While your lightbar requires less power than a lightbulb, it will still require power. And if you have other UTV accessories that require power (like a winch, for example) you will need to factor that in when deciding which UTV lighting you want to buy. Lumens and Watts To put it very simply, the lumen is how much light your light bar will give off, and the wattage is how much power is needed to keep that light going. As you shop for your UTV light, keep this in mind. You should also be highly considerate of the reflector design of your light bar. The lumen is just one part of how much light you’ll get; the reflector design can make or break the light emitted by directed it out in front of your or to the side of you. Flood vs. Spotlight When shopping you’ll probably come across options for a flood light vs. a spotlight. Flood lights give you better peripheral vision, while your spotlight gives you narrow light up ahead. Ideally, you want to choose a light with a combination of both. If you need help when it comes to choosing your UTV lighting or any other accessory, talk to the pros at UTV Windshields and Accessories.

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