Everything You Need To Know About Roll Cages

When it comes to your UTV, you know there are countless options for additions and modifications to take your ride to a whole new level. One addition that will help keep you safe and covered is a roll cage. Not only that, but it can completely change the look and feel of your UTV. When making such a big purchase, it’s wise to know what you’re getting into. So, without further ado, here ‘s everything you need to know about roll cages!

Configuration When you start shopping for roll cages, look for those made from triangle shapes rather than squares or any other shape; triangles will be the most structurally sound configuration. How many people your UTV seats will also determine which roll cages will work for you. As you shop, watch for two and four seat cage configurations. Some may even be capable of both!

Height You should also make note of the height of the roll cage. Some may offer a taller roof line than others giving you more room in the cab. This will be particularly important if you or other drivers/riders in your party are especially tall!

Material There are a few different material options when it comes to roll cages. Steel tubing is made from a rolled and welded sheet of metal. It’s not as strong as others, but it will work with a proper design. In fact, some prefer steel tubing because it is known to bend before breaking. Chromoly steel tubing is a seamless tube made with chromium and molybdenum for additional strength. This is expensive material, so it may only be available to those with a higher budget.

Ask a Friend If you know someone who is a welder, it is worth asking their help when it comes to assembling and mounting your roll cage. If you or someone you know are willing to do a bit of assembling, you can save a few bucks by investing in a roll cage kit rather than one that is pre-assembled.

Get a Roof Your roll cage will protect you in life-threatening situations should you accidentally roll your UTV, but what about in less serious ones? Your roll cages can come with a roof or roof options! There are various material options to choose from that will keep you protected from the sun, keep the rain off your back, and keep you safe from any debris from the trail.

Additional Accessories A roll cage isn’t where your accessory fun ends! When you have a roll cage you can easily include other items like a roof rack, light-bars, spare-tire mounts, air-pump brackets, and a windshield. If you are interested in adding these or other accessories to your UTV in addition to a roll cage, make sure the roll cage you choose has the appropriate mounting options available.

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