The Best Clothing To Wear While Riding A UTV

There are lots of things to remember when taking your UTV out for a spin. You want to make sure you are following correct and proactive maintenance practices. You also want to make sure you bring along the necessary gear and UTV accessories for whatever activities you plan to do while out and about. Then there’s the clothing! You want your clothing choices to be the safest and most protective while riding. What should you be wearing? Keep reading for the best clothing to wear while riding a UTV. Head If you’re going to wear protective gear of any kind, make it a helmet. No matter what activity you plan on doing or how fast or slow you plan to ride, protecting your head is something you shouldn’t compromised. Now when it comes to helmets you can find many different options. You can buy fire-proof helmets, helmets with face shields, or helmets with an air-pump inside to give you filtered cool air during the hot summer months as well as eliminate fog on colder days. While convenient, these are just extras. When it comes to head protection, any helmet is better than no helmet. Upper Body While it is tempting to wear a t-shirt in the summer months, it is not the safest options. If you want to protect yourself while riding your UTV long sleeves are best. Better yet, wear a protective jacket. And you don’t have to suffer in the summertime! There are many breathable options to keep you comfortable and safe yearlong.   Lower Body Again, during those hot summer UTV rides shorts are going to be very tempting! But in case of an accident you aren’t going to be very protected with just a pair of shorts. Wear long pants for protection. You can also purchase thicker and more protective pants (more similar to dirt bike or motorcycle pants) to wear while riding. If you’re a serious UTV driver, you may also consider a driving suit! There’s no messing around with these suits; they offer abrasion protection should you find yourself hitting the ground. Hands and Feet It is also very important to protect your hands and feet while riding your UTV. A pair of driving gloves will protect your hands from debris that may be kicked up into the cab, or fire in more extreme cases. The same goes for your feet; sturdy boots will keep you comfortable and safe no matter what kind of riding you do or what type of situation you may find yourself in. Choose a boot that gives your ankle lots of support too! Extras While it’s not completely necessary, using goggles while you’re riding your UTV will help to protect your eyes. In the summertime, you can choose goggles that will not only keep debris out of your eyes, but you’ll keep the sun out as well! You only have one set of eyes, to its important to keep them protected. Not only that, but it will help you see the trail and others on the trail too.

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