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How to Pack Your UTV Accessories for Hunting

The right UTV accessories can make all the difference this hunting season, but are you packing your goods efficiently? Hunting in a UTV allows you to access narrower passages, cover more ground and safely store your hunting gear without having to carry everything around yourself. No matter how seasoned or green you are to hunting or fishing with a UTV, you can probably pack better, lighter and easier, thus making the entire experience more enjoyable. Every hunter is different (and has different must-haves) but keep a few basics in mind. For starters, having everything you need to keep your UTV running should be your No. 1 priority. Riders should know their UTV well enough to be able to fix any sudden problem, at least for long enough to get back to civilization. It’s also why you should check your machine thoroughly before heading out on an adventure.

Putting Safety First

Don’t forget your helmet, even if it’s not required in the state where you’re hunting. You may not know the terrain, you never know when an early winter storm might crop up, and as an added bonus you can further camouflage yourself (or make yourself more visible to other hunters!). Pack extra protective clothing since there’s room for it, including goggles and gloves. Make sure you have decent boots, too. UTVs might make hunting easier, but they’re not an excuse to ignore safety. Get a map of the area where you’ll be hunting and the surrounding region. Spring for an extra cellphone charger, including one that’s solar powered. Most UTVs will have a minimum of one 12-volt outlet, so a traditional auto charger as well as a solar option will have you covered. Going off the grid for a hunting adventure sounds exciting, but you still should have a cellphone as a backup means of communication in case of an emergency.

The Essentials

Pack more than enough water to keep you hydrated. Now that you can carry it with ease (or your UTV can), there’s no need to limit yourself. Spacious cargo sections and heavy-duty hauling capability make it so that the average hunter doesn’t need to worry about saving space. Adding a first aid kit into the mix is a necessity, no matter how skilled you are as a hunter or rider. One mistake can ruin the whole trip at best and endanger your life at worst. Finally, ensure you have a winch and tow strap readily available. What happens if your UTV gets stuck, or the tool kit doesn’t have what you need to get your ride back to the truck? Even better, what if you take down a prized elk or deer, but with all your buddies in the UTV, there’s not enough room to haul it? Hope and prepare for the best. Get your UTV ready for hunting season by calling UTV Windshields and Accessories today.

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