10 Best UTV-Friendly Campgrounds in Utah

Utah is well-known as an outdoor paradise, and there are plenty of UTV-friendly campgrounds in Utah to explore, from Logan to Moab to St. George.

There are many ways to enjoy Utah’s wilderness areas, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, and ATV/UTV riding. And with so many people out there enjoying the outdoors, we have rules to not only allow all to share the space respectfully but also to protect the environment in which we’re guests. 

For those who enjoy riding UTVs, staying on trails designated for motorized vehicles is essential. There are many to choose from throughout the state, and there are some great UTV-friendly campgrounds in Utah to accommodate you on your trip. So what should you look for in a campground as a base for your UTV adventure?


Features of a Great UTV-Friendly Campground

Before we start the list, we’d like to discuss what makes a great UTV-friendly campground. Here are a few of the criteria we think are most important.

Access to UTV trails from the camp – For us, this is one of the most critical needs for UTV camping. It’s much easier to unload your UTV from your trailer at your campsite and drive it straight to the trail than to haul it to the trailhead first. That way, when you come in to refuel, you can sit down, refill your water bottle, put on a jacket, or grab a snack.

Space in your campsite to load and unload your UTV – It takes a certain amount of space to get your UTV on and off your trailer. It’s nice if your campsite has enough space to do so and park your UTV without blocking the road.

Proximity to a UTV repair shop – This hopefully isn’t a necessity, but it’s nice. Most of us understand the importance of being prepared with UTV accessories, a toolbox, and a few extra parts like spark plugs, a drive belt, tie rods, and a tire repair kit.
But occasionally, things might happen that aren’t easy to fix trailside. It’s nice to be able to take it somewhere close without cutting your UTV adventure short.

UTV and ATV rentals – If you don’t have your own UTV or worry one might not be enough for your group, renting one is a great option. Usually, you can get them for a pretty reasonable price, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, hauling them, or storing them. 

UTV riding is great with all the usual amenities, but it’s also nice to have other things to do while you camp. We’re looking for firepits, nice bathrooms, a source of water, and other attractions.


Here is Our Top 10 List of the Best UTV-friendly Campgrounds in Utah.

While we know there are hundreds of great off-highway vehicle trails in Utah, and most of them have spectacular campgrounds nearby, these are some we’ve enjoyed the most. We also tried to share some variety in terms of geography and terrain.

  1. Rosebud ATV Campground – This is 19 miles southeast of Torrey, Utah. This is in a quiet location in some beautiful country. It’s easy to access several OHV trails in the Fishlake National Forest. It doesn’t have a lot of services and only has four units, so try to get reservations if possible.
  2. UFO Valley Campground – This is a unique experience with hundreds of miles of private-property trails in picturesque terrain in Fort Duchesne, Utah. This campground offers UTV tours, and the most notable thing about the experience is the lore about UFO sightings, Navajo curses, and more.
  3. KOA in Fillmore, Utah – This one has access to the west desert trails and the great Paiute trail. Like all KOAs, it offers many amenities, including a pool, spa, and game room. There are nearby UTV rentals, and it’s easy to access from I-15.
  4. Ruby’s Inn – Find this gem right outside of Bryce Canyon. It may or may not even qualify as camping. While there are campsite options, the inn has a pool, spa, laundry, full-service restaurant, and grocery store. It has immediate access to some of the most beautiful ATV/UTV trails, and they even offer tours.
  5. Lizzie and Charlies – This is an excellent campground in Marysvale, Utah, just off the Paiute Trail, and has one of the best OHV trails in Utah. This is primarily an RV park, but they have some cabins and tent sites. They have laundry and showers and aren’t far from civilization.
  6. Horseshoe Knoll Dispersed Camping & OHV Area – Just off I-80, a little past Grantsville, you’ll find this quiet campground. There are no services or water, but it’s a fun place to camp and ride your UTV with a wonderful view. If you come here, though, don’t forget the bug repellent.
  7. Offroad RV Resort – Caineville, Utah, is right in the middle of some of the most beautiful terrain in southern Utah – near Capitol Reef, Goblin Valley, and Lake Powell, not to mention some great UTV trails. Staying in this campground is hardly roughing it. Each site is huge; you’ll have power, purified water, and a flushable toilet.
  8. Sand Flats Recreation Area – Sand Flats is close to some of the most iconic OHV trails in the world. It has tons of campsites, but you’ll need to arrive before noon during the summer months to get one. It’s near UTV rentals and service stations.
  9. Shingle Creek ATV Campground – Even though this one is among the closest to the large population center of the Wasatch Front, it’s pretty secluded. It’s got some beautiful trails, and it’s close to other outdoor activities, including great fishing. It has water available but not many other amenities.
  10. Sunrise Campground – This is a gorgeous campground overlooking Bear Lake in Garden City, Utah. It’s close to OHV trails, but you’ll have to park your side-by-side to go enjoy a raspberry shake, go cave exploring, and go out on the beautiful lake.

Trails are meant to be ridden, and top 10 lists are subject to updates. So we’d love to hear about the best UTV-friendly campgrounds in Utah where you’ve stayed.


Gear Up at UTV Windshields and Accessories Before You Go

We can’t wait to hear about your adventures on Utah’s great UTV trails, and we want to know about your best UTV-friendly campgrounds in Utah. But before you go, ensure your UTV is trail-ready with a pristine windshield and all the accessories you’ll need for an enjoyable and trouble-free ride. 

Contact us today to get your gear sent to you at home, or if you can’t wait, we can send it right to your campground.

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