Why a Folding UTV Windshield?

Sometimes you need a full windshield and sometimes a half windshield, but with a folding UTV windshield, you won’t have to swap out between rides.

As a UTV enthusiast, you want a vehicle that’s versatile enough to keep up with the demands of whatever conditions you’re riding in. That need for versatility is something you should keep in mind when you’re picking accessories as well, particularly your windshield. Whether you’re riding for fun or to get work done, you need to be able to adjust to whatever conditions come up.

For versatility, a folding UTV windshield or even a full tilting windshield just can’t be beaten. Here are some of the top reasons for choosing a folding windshield. 

Ventilation options 

If you’re an all-weather enthusiast, you need a windshield that will work for you in rain and shine. We are all aware of the benefits a windshield provides. When it’s cold, a windshield reduces the wind chill. In heavy wind, it can keep dust and leaves out of your face.

But on a calm, warm day, full fixed windshields reduce airflow and can really make the cab of your UTV hot and stuffy! 

Tilting and folding windshields offer a dual solution by giving you the option to fold down the top half of the windshield to get some air. When the mercury drops again, simply put the windshield back up (no tools required) and take shelter from the cold wind. 

Improved visibility 

If you’re like most UTV owners, you’ll often be riding in muddy or snowy conditions that can compromise visibility. After all, visibility-compromising conditions are often the most fun! Still, it’s essential to be able to see where you’re going. 

In dry conditions, full fixed windshields provide a lot of benefits. But when it’s snowy, rainy, or muddy out, your windshield can become smeared with spots and streaks, leaving it impossible to see through and forcing you to stop and clean it often. 

A good UTV windshield is durable and scratch resistant, but wiping mud off it repeatedly during a trip to maintain visibility will take its toll. And as you well know, a scratched and scuffed windshield is never good for visibility.

Folding and tilting windshields, on the other hand, allow you to fold them down for improved visibility and nonstop action. Improved visibility is extra important if you use your UTV for hunting and off-road enjoyment. We do recommend keeping a good, breathable pair of goggles on hand in case the mud gets too thick.

Reduced backdraft 

Full-sized windshields have a tendency to create a swirling backdraft in the open cab of your UTV. This can result in dust or snow being blown into your cab, leaving a fine layer on everything and getting into your face – never a pleasant experience. 

Folding and tilting windshields create less resistance to airflow when down, so they tend to cause less of a backdraft. This translates into less dust and snow being carried into your cab, thus keeping it out of your eyes and lungs.

Because this is an article about versatility, we should acknowledge that there may be times when the level of dust is such that choosing between having it billow into your cab from the sides or straight on is a no-win proposition. If you need your full windshield up in dusty conditions, you might benefit from a dust guard that covers the sides and back of your cab, including under your seat. 

Good for changing conditions

When it’s raining or snowing, a windshield can get in the way, but when it stops, your windshield is great for the purpose it was named for: keeping the wind out of your face. This is better for aerodynamics as well as comfort when it’s particularly cold.

We can all think of a reason we’d like to be able to keep going through changing conditions, but this is especially true where UTVs are acting as rescue vehicles. They need to get where they need to get when they need to get there, so versatility is non-negotiable.

If you have a fixed full or half windshield, that’s what you’re riding with regardless of the weather changes. A folding UTV windshield allows you to respond to weather changes in the best way possible, with minimal disruption. It feels good to have the right tools to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in.

Full protection with versatility

Half-fixed windshields offer the same benefits mentioned above but can leave you exposed when riding in areas with lots of overhanging branches and vegetation or when riding behind another vehicle that can kick up gravel. If branches and gravel coming at you at eye level don’t sound appealing, a folding windshield is a great option. 

When you anticipate riding in conditions where added protection makes sense, it’s easy to put up the top half and give yourself some extra protection. 

Ultimately your windshield choice will depend upon how you plan on using your vehicle. For many of us, we enjoy the freedom that a UTV offers. It allows us to work and play in various terrains and conditions. It’s nimble enough to take off-road but has enough room for multiple people and gear. If versatility is one of the reasons you have a UTV, a folding UTV windshield may be perfect for you.

TerraRider Windshields has the right windshield for your UTV

For UTV owners who want to be able to use their vehicle year-round and in a variety of conditions, nothing can compete with the versatility of a tilting or folding UTV windshield.

TerraRider has a wide range of full, half, and folding UTV windshields to fit just about any UTV make and model for whatever purpose and whatever condition you are riding in. We highly recommend looking at a folding windshield for your UTV. 

Please visit our website and take a look at the windshields and accessories we have available for your UTV. We will ship your new windshield right to you. Installation is generally pretty intuitive, but we do have instructional videos to help if needed.

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