How Does a UTV Dust Guard Work?

If you take your UTV out on the trails, you know how much dust they can kick up, but you may not know how a UTV dust guard can help reduce the dust.

We all know the annoyance of riding the trail in our UTV and having so much dust swirling in the cab that we can hardly breathe, and everything gets coated it a thin layer of dust. Does this mean we have to invest in a completely airtight covering? I think we’d all agree this brings its list of problems. But a UTV dust guard addresses the dust problem without creating others.

A UTV dust guard works by blocking much of the dust being kicked up by other vehicles that tend to billow into your cab on the trail. It improves the air quality and keeps dust from coating everything inside your UTV.

That’s the basic idea of a UTV dust guard, but it gets more complicated than that. Why is dust such a problem if your UTV has a good windshield? Will it stop airflow into my cab? Keep reading to find answers to these and other questions regarding UTV windshields and UTV dust guards.


Why Do UTVs Have So Much Dust Come In?

As your UTV or any vehicle moves, it displaces air, which moves quickly to fill the space behind you. This air will also circulate inside your cab if it isn’t completely enclosed, along with whatever dust is floating in the air.

Most of the dust issues that come with a UTV are the result of tires — either yours or the one in front of you — kicking dust up into the air. While your windshield will keep it from being forced directly into your eyes, it also displaces more air, which then billows into the cab from behind, bringing dust with it.

Dust is worst on a dry trail, but it is also present on paved roads and sidewalks. So regardless of whether you’re riding for fun, facility maintenance, or giving tours, minimizing dust should be something you’re aware of.


How Does a UTV Dust Guard Stop Dust from Swirling in My Cab?

As we said earlier, most dust swirls into your cab through the rear. So if you can block or filter the air from that direction, it will significantly reduce the amount of dust that comes in. This is exactly what a UTV dust guard is meant to do.

A dust guard, specifically the Teryx Dust Guard designed for the Kawasaki Teryx, consists of two parts that seamlessly integrate with the roll cage of your UTV:

The mesh upper – This fiberglass reinforced mesh is tight enough to keep out most of the dust that comes up against it but still allows air to circulate, helping to keep the cab cool.

The vinyl seat guard – If we stopped at the upper window, we’d still be letting a good deal of the dust come in from between and under the bucket seats. The seat guard completely blocks airflow through this section. This also creates an opportunity for extra storage space. 

This UTV dust guard keeps air breathable and prevents the layer of dust from covering you and your equipment.


Will It Make It Stuffy In My Cab?

The UTV dust guard will reduce a small amount of the airflow into the cab through the mesh and stop it entirely down below in the back, but it won’t affect the air from coming in through the sides. This will ensure you stay cool even with the dust guard.

If you’re driving without a windshield, the mesh allows the fresh airflow to continue without significantly adding to the wind resistance. 

Other Options for Keeping Dust Down

The UTV dust guard is one of many options for reducing dust in your cab. Windshield options may also be suitable depending on the purpose and where you’re riding. Here are a few other ways you can go as well.

Back Windshield – A back windshield consists of a single pane of plexiglass or scratch-resistant Lexan. The exact shape and dimensions depend on your own make and model of UTV. This effectively blocks the airflow from the read of your UTV, along with the dust that comes with it. 

No Front Windshield – You may already enjoy riding your UTV without a windshield. One of the benefits of this is that it keeps airflow consistently moving from the front of the cab to the back, minimizing the swirling effect. But this doesn’t help when the dust is coming from a vehicle ahead of you. 

Half Front Windshield –A half windshield can protect you from the front without creating a low-pressure situation in the rear that sucks in the dust. This solution helps avoid the worst-case scenarios for dust but may not offer the best either. 

Tilting Front WindshieldA tilting front windshield allows you to keep it up when you need it and fold it down when you don’t. Tilting windshields are available for many makes and models of UTVs. Of course, combining a tilting windshield with a UTV dust guard gives the best dust protection regardless of your riding conditions.

UTV Windshields and Accessories Can Help Keep the Dust Down

UTV dust guards are a great solution to reduce dust for your UTV, whether on the road or trail, for work or play. If you’re ready to enhance your UTV experience, we have what you need.

UTV Windshields and Accessories offer different types of dust protection for many makes and models of UTVs. Our solutions include easy-to-install UTV dust guards, back windshields, full windshields, half windshields, and tilting windshields. We’d be happy to make recommendations for your UTV and riding preferences.

Visit our online shop today to start the conversation. We look forward to helping you get the perfect UTV accessories for your ride.

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