How to Clean Your UTV

Keeping your UTV clean can extend its life and make your rides safer. It’s easy to get these rigs dirty, but what if you want to keep your UTV looking as good as it rides? Always presoak your UTV by spraying it down with a hose, paying special attention to crannies. This is the most effective, easiest and safest way to remove dirt buildup. Pre-soak it twice to tackle the most stubborn mud, which sometimes can dry like cement. With these hard chunks, you can lightly tap bigger pieces with a rubber mallet first. After soaking, prep for the first blast. A pressure washer is an excellent investment for riders who regularly take to muddy trails. A gas-powered washer is stronger, but an electric one is better than none. If you’re using just a hose and nozzle, make sure you’re using the most powerful setting. Don’t rush through the process, because after this is when the real workout begins.

Handling with Kid Gloves

Some soap, a sponge and a brush are all you need for a general washing. However, be careful if you’re washing your UTV in your yard ― it can introduce a host of foreign seeds, weeds and grass to your lawn. Whenever possible, wash your machine in the driveway or on gravel or dirt patches. If you live in the suburbs, make sure you rinse the mud toward the gutters to be neighborly. Choose an automotive detergent (the same one you use for your car is fine), and gently scrub the overall surface area. Pay special attention to plastics, the frame, wheels/tires, the seat and a-arms. These areas tend to collect dirt more easily than others. If you have trouble reaching into nooks, a stiff brush with a long arm can handle it. The detergent breaks up oil, making the cleaning process easier (so don’t be afraid to pour heavily). You may need a degreaser for especially challenging areas.

High and Dry

Using just the sun’s rays and a towel is often all you need to dry a UTV. However, an air compressor also does the trick while getting water out of recesses. Fully drying your UTV prevents rust, so it’s worth the extra effort. Plus, it’s a must before shining it up. Keep your ride looking brand new with a plastic polish. Choose a spray designed for UTV plastic that can be wiped off (just make sure you don’t get any on the seats). Outfit your garage with everything you need to keep your UTV looking bright and new. Call UTV Windshield and Accessories for all your UTV accessory needs, and to get more tips from professionals on UTV maintenance.

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