UTV-Friendly Parks and Forests

America is a geographically massive country with a bevy of UTV-friendly parks and national forests to explore. Some have UTV trails and some don’t, but many are UTV friendly! Start adding parks and forests — not just trails — to your UTV bucket list in 2016. Start right in your home state at Moab, Utah. The canyons, parks and red rock trails are largely welcoming to UTVs, with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) dishing up trails and open riding areas for all levels. Every type of off-road vehicle is welcome in Moab, although a few trails do require 4x4s. Attend the Rally on the Rocks UTV/SXS Rally this year, or simply challenge yourself to Hell’s Revenge, Chicken Corners or Hurrah Pass. Moab has hotels, RV and camping sites galore as well as restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores for longer treks. Just make sure you make reservations first — or check out one of these other exciting options:
  • Imperial Sand Dunes, California: Southern California’s most beloved riding grounds is a must for any UTV fan. A virtual off-road playground in Glamis, it’s another area where all OHVs are welcome.
    • Enjoy 40 miles of nonstop action along the sand dunes. All levels are welcome in the three primary areas. The enormous Oldsmobile Hill is a prime spot for racing, with thousands of people flocking to the area on the busiest weekend.
    • Tent camping and RV parking are the closest, but you can find hotels and motels a few miles away.
  • Capitol State Forest of Thurston/Grays Harbor County (Washington state): Here you’ll find 80 miles of trails for all types of OHVs. The grounds are open April through December, with Rock Candy trail being the most popular.
    • Gorgeous scenery, well-maintained trails and mud that’s packed hard and easy to ride made this region famous. Plus, riding through the forest means you keep cool even during heat waves.
    • Most riders prefer camping, but cozy hotels can be found in town.
  • Moro Plantation, Maine: Tucked away in Northern Maine, this area offers more than 1,000 miles of trails and off-road experiences. The Aroostook County trails boast over 1,200 miles on their own, but link them with the state’s interconnected trail system and it’s virtually impossible to run out of places to roam.
    • Open spring through autumn, you’ll find challenging mud bogs alongside maintained dirt roads that are great for beginners.
    • This is a cool area with 37 inches of rain per year and 100 inches of snow, so plan ahead and dress accordingly.
In Springville, Alabama, there’s the Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park and in central Utah the Paiute Trail System can’t be missed. Start exploring true off-roading options around the country and enjoy your ride in an entirely new way. Connect with UTV Windshield and Accessories to get your rig tricked out with the latest and greatest options for a fun, safe ride.

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