Best UTV Trails for MLK Jr. Weekend

January gives you a three-day weekend to fill with UTV trail rides, bonding and personal reflection. After months of nonstop holidays, it’s fantastic to have Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 18 as a long, three-day weekend to commemorate — and recover! Kick off the three-day weekend in style, complete with a UTV windshield upgrade or the addition of a manufacturer-approved heating unit. Here are some of the best winter trails that will be open on MLK Jr. Day for your riding pleasure:

Kentuck ORV Trail

Located in Alabama, this extensive trail system is suitable for all skill levels. Featuring diverse terrain, this trail lets you explore 23 miles that range from challenging climbs to smooth and rolling hills. You’ll find the trail 60 miles east of Birmingham, and note that camping is allowed (although there are no official campsites). It’s muddy after it rains, which can be an added bonus for adventurous riders!

Clear Creek Management Area

This California system is one of a kind, with old roads offering a terrain that can’t be beat. You can discover Clear Creek from a brand new angle, sharing the trails with dirt bikes. This area has both easy and difficult trails, and routes are clearly marked, which is a good thing, considering the 270 miles of trails to cover. Rabbit Creek and Fossil Creek OHV: This Idaho gem offers something for everyone, whether you want wide trails earmarked for UTVs or single tracks for some OHV motorcycle action. The Owyhee Front has three trailheads for staging, loading and of course, facilities. With so many routes, you’re going to want a map from the Bureau of Land Management if you’re not familiar with the area.

Perry Lake ATV and Motorcycle Trail

You won’t feel like you’re in Kansas anymore at this exciting trail system. Crawl over 140 acres of terrain ranging from beginner-ready to a real challenge. This trail has been official since 1988, thanks to efforts from volunteer organizations within the Kansas All Terrain Vehicle Association, which still maintains the area. Sheer love of riding is behind building the loading ramps, tree plantings and clear fencing. Kisatchie National Forest: You’ll find this system sprawling over an incredible 604,000 acres in the middle of Louisiana. However, be forewarned: It’s not all legal for OHVs. Only three of five areas are open to these vehicles, including UTVs. The biggest is the Calcasieu RD, offering 40 miles of trail systems. You can also stick close to home! In Utah, check out Paiute ATV Trail, Little Sahara Recreation Area, Arapeen OHV Trail System or the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. No matter where your travels take you, depend on UTV Windshield and Accessories to keep you safe and comfortable.

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