Your Ultimate UTV Packing List

You should pack your UTV differently for special trips than you do for standard outings, but some items should be packed every time, for safety, just in case of emergency. This list is specifically designed for recreational riders who often take to trails for fun, workouts, weekend warrior activities and/or to teach others the joy of riding. If you use your UTV for other purposes, such as work, you’ll likely need some additional key items stowed away as well. No matter how long or short your ride, or how familiar you are with the chosen trail, it’s critical to pack accordingly. If you need a little extra cargo space, consider adding on a rack, box or trailer. Don’t leave home without these items:

1. First Aid Kit

This one should be a given, and everyone should have one on board, but many don’t. The kit should include bandages, antibacterial solution, over-the-counter pain medications, medical tape and burn treatments. If you need any items specific to your condition, such as medications, pack these as well.

2. MREs and Water

What happens if you get stranded without food or water? Many snacks and goodies aren’t designed to last long. Meals ready to eat (MREs) are what the military uses to keep soldiers satiated and healthy when they’re in remote locations. However, these are readily available to civilians as well. You can order them online or make your own. Refresh the water with each trip, and keep it in a break-proof container.

3. Solar Chargers

Being able to charge your phone or other electronics without outlets nearby can be a real lifesaver. Get a solar charger, or one that plugs directly into your UTV. They’re affordable, lightweight, small and easy to pack. If you need to call for help, these can make all the difference in the world.

4. Change of Warm Clothes

Getting wet can lead to hypothermia in a survival situation. Keep a change of warm clothes sealed in plastic, as well as an extra pair of sturdy shoes. Include a weatherproof coat, boot socks, and make sure the clothes fit well enough to keep you comfortable and safe.

5. Air Pump

Of course checking your tires before each trip is critical, but disasters happen. Bring an air pump designed for your UTV’s tires, and patch seals that are strong enough to get you to a safe place. Create your own must-have checklist, and go over it before each trip to make sure you and your riders are protected. Contact UTV Windshield and Accessories for help putting together your pack, and for great deals on a number of UTV accessories.

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