Can I Drive My UTV On The Road?

Many UTV owners dream of packing up their machines for the weekend to hit the trails. But with summer is coming to a close, some riders may not have gotten their fill of riding. With fall and winter quickly approaching the search has begun for other venues where you can continue to enjoy your UTV. One that may have come to mind are roads. But can a UTV owner drive their UTV on the road? In Utah, the short answer is yes! However, there are a few requirements that must be met before an ATV or UTV can legally cruise the roads. Paperwork will have to be done, and there may be a few accessories to be added to the UTV before taking it out on the streets. All-terrain vehicle rent on the street. Required Paperwork Before investing time and money making your UTV street safe, be sure you are following all of the necessary procedures. Talk to someone from your local Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure you have everything that you need before hitting the roads. Utahns will need to register their UTV and have a safety inspection. Keep in mind that to have a street-legal UTV your ride will need to be insured. The same driver’s license requirements also apply. Required Accessories Just like driving a car on the road, your UTV will need a license plate. But even with a license plate, before you can drive your UTV on the streets you will need some additional accessories to keep you and other drivers (whether in cars or off-highway vehicles) safe. Your UTV will most likely already have many of the requirements for a street legal UTV such as headlamps, tail lamps, stop lamps and red reflectors on the back. If not, you will need to get those added or up to code. Here are some things you probably won’t have that will need to be added to your ride before you can hit the pavement. Lighted license plate In Utah you are required to have a tail lamp that will light up and make your registration plate visible with a white light. Horn If you are going to be on the road with other cars, you will need a way to warn or communicate with other drivers. Turn signals In addition to being able to communicate with a horn, you will need to be able to let other drivers know where you are headed. You will need red electric turn signals on each side of your UTV in the back, and amber turn signals on each side on the front of your UTV. Making your UTV street legal will give UTV riders the freedom to enjoy their vehicle more in their everyday lives – whether that’s to pick up a gallon of milk or drop something off at the neighbor’s house down the road. If you’re looking for necessary accessories to make your UTV street legal, or for any other accessories questions look no further than UTV Windshields & Accessories.

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