ATV vs. UTV – What’s The Difference

You’ve probably come across ATVs and UTVs as you’ve been looking for different trails to explore, while shopping for various or accessories, or reading up on the latest equipment. Maybe you’ve wondered, what is the difference between an ATV and a UTV? An ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, and a UTV, utility terrain vehicle, have many things in common but there are some differences you should be aware of that may affect your decision when choosing which one to buy or take out on the trails. Happy young couple driving a quad bike ATV The all-terrain vehicle, known as “quad” to some, is a four-wheeled vehicle that usually has a single rider. ATV’s are open, giving the rider lots of exposure to the great outdoors while cruising along with their machine beneath them. ATV’s are steered with handle bars and often times require the rider to shift their body weight to make difficult or turns. But the good news is they come in lots of different sizes so if you have a teenager or smaller adult, you can find a machine to fit their height and weight. There are lots of options when it comes to motor size as well. An ATV is very nimble and can take the rider to many different areas, but this can also mean the possibility of getting stuck or rolling over is greater. UTV Utility terrain vehicle can be described as a cross between an ATV and a car. You have the same off-road feel as an ATV, but the UTV is driven with a steering wheel, has a roof, and a bench seat with room for a passenger. If you typically ride with family or friends, that extra seat (with seat belt) may be very alluring. Another major selling point for many people is the extra storage space. The UTV has a bed in the back that is dedicated space for hauling camping supplies, hunting gear, wood, weeds, food, or whatever else you can think of! Like the ATV, there are many models and sizes to choose from. UTV’s are also very customizable with aftermarket additions. For example, shop UTV Windshields & Accessories to get a windshield for your UTV made from the highest quality material on the market – polycarbonate. A windshield is just scratching the surface when it comes to fun and useful accessories you can add to your ride. Uses One of the biggest difference when it comes to ATV’s and UTV’s are their intended uses. An ATV is meant for recreational use, to race, or even get around on rough terrain. UTV’s are also known for getting riders over rough terrain and is often used for work because of its hauling capabilities. But more and more, UTV’s are being used for recreation as well and are easily registered for legal street use. If you’re looking for something fast and nimble, whether you’re in an official race or riding for fun, an ATV might be the best pick for you. If you’ve got work to do or need a lot of equipment to come along for the ride, choose a UTV. Either way, you’ll have a fun and enjoy the great outdoors in a whole new way.

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