Comparing and Contrasting Different UTV Windshield Materials

Choosing a windshield for your UTV means answering many different questions. First, you’ll have to decide which type of windshield you want; a full, half, tilting, or vented windshield. You’ll also need to consider what type of material you want the windshield to be made of. To help you compare and contrast the different UTV windshield materials, look no further. Today on the UTV Windshield Accessories blog read about the characteristics of each material when choosing from acrylic, Plexiglas, glass or Lexan windshield. ATV in action, having fun Lexan Lexan, which is also sometimes known as Makrolon, is polycarbonate. It is strong, and lightweight. Compared to other materials, Lexan has very little glare which is important if you’re often riding in sunny locations. One of the biggest advantages of a Lexan or polycarbonate windshield is that it is incredibly strong. If you’re one who tends to get a lot of debris flipped up on your windshield or comes across lots of tree branches, this will be a very important feature. They are much more lightweight than other windshield materials, giving you improved maneuverability. Even though it is lightweight, the strength of Lexan isn’t compromised; that means less yellowing, breaking or cracking making it a very durable choice. Acrylic Acrylic (also known as Lucite) windshields are usually thinner and cheaper than polycarbonate, though they are less study than polycarbonate and glass. If you decide to go with an acrylic windshield, be sure to buy one that is at least a quarter of an inch thick to give you the necessary strength. Acrylic is much shinier than a polycarbonate windshield which means glare could be an issue while driving. Some may prefer the shiny look, just be aware of potential challenges while riding on a sunny day! Glass Glass is an extremely durable option for a windshield, however it is very heavy and expensive. Because of the weight, it requires a thick and heavy frame for mounting. This is where some of that extra cost comes into play. If you choose glass for your windshield material, you may have the option of adding windshield wipers, which can be a nice perk. Glass also has great visibility and is easy to maintain. Plexiglas Like acrylic, Plexiglas is lightweight and fairly inexpensive. However, it is not as strong as other windshield material options; it is less impact-resistant and is easily scratched. If you do more street riding and don’t venture off road much where gravel or tree branches come in contact with your windshield, then Plexiglas may be a nice option. Especially with a price tag that is easy on the wallet. The goal at UTV Windshield and Accessories is to help you get the best accessories for your ride. Choosing a windshield material is important; for personalized input don’t hesitate to get in touch with the guys who have been working in the UTV windshield business for years. UTV Windshield and Accessories offers the high-quality windshields that are made from the best material on the market. They are cut to fit tight and are strongly secured. No matter what accessory you choose for your UTV, choose UTV Windshield and Accessories for guaranteed satisfaction.

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