Best Places to Explore with a UTV in Utah

Enjoy the unique scenery of Utah from your UTV as your travel through red rock, woodland area, and sand dunes. There are many UTV friendly areas waiting to be explored, but today we’re sharing just a few of our favorite trails. Adventure is just a ride away for your ATV.

Casto Canyon Trails
Near Panguitch, Utah you’ll find this beautiful area surrounded by colorful sandstone cliffs. Explore the area on a UTV as you pass through pine trees, red rock, and more beautiful scenery through the Dixie National Forest.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park
These breath-taking red sands create 1200 acres of dunes to explore. Located just north of Kanab, right off the freeway, these dunes are very accessible. There are campgrounds in the area to make your trip a complete getaway. Don’t miss this unique sights at a beautiful state park.

Knolls OHV Area
Knolls is 36,000 acres of sand dunes, hills, and mudflats—that is a lot of good riding. Located in the Great Salt Lake Desert about 80 miles west of Salt Lake City, this area is very diverse. You can check out the white sand dunes, the rocky trails, or the mud flats. Available for riding and camping year-round, Knolls is always an excellent option.

Moab OHV Trails
Moab has a lot to offer in the way of UTV trails. The scenic views and amazing terrain make this place one of the most visited in Utah. Though the area is beautiful year-round, it may be a good one to visit in the fall and winter when the weather is nice but not too blazing hot like it can be in the summer. Moab offers more advanced riding trails with some tough terrain. There are lots of great ways to explore Moab but exploring by UTV might be the best.

Little Sahara Sand Dunes
You’ll find this hidden gem in the Sevier Desert of central Utah. This area is one of the largest dune fields in Utah—124 square miles of sand with a sand mountain in the middle of the dune field. There are plenty of trails and hills to explore. Test out your UTV by racing through the Little Sahara of Utah.

White Wash Sand Dunes
Just about 50 miles northwest of Moab, you’ll find this area of sand dunes, washes, slick rock, and desert trails. Sometimes referred to as “Dubinky”, this area offers both two-track and single track. These beautiful rolling dunes are a sight to see, and even better to experience on a UTV.

Sand Hollow Sand Dunes State Park
With red rock, blue waters, and sand dunes this state park is one of the most popular in the state for good reason. Located in Hurricane, Sand Hollow offered many challenging trails with beautiful scenery. Make it a weekend getaway with the nearby campgrounds. The lake located here also offers an opportunity to ride along the beach or jump in for a swim.

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