Top 5 Accessories to Take Your UTV to the Next Level

Looking to upgrade your UTV to the next level? There are many accessories to add to your machine that will give it a little boost, make it a little more durable, and make it a more enjoyable experience. Use your UTV for all the adventures you can think of when you add some accessories.

  • Bed Storage Pack
  • With the bumpy nature of UTV rides, things packed in the vehicle can easily be thrown or damage. But when they are places in a storage pack mounted in your machine’s bed, you’ll have a safe place to pack away anything. Buy a durable pack that will hold up as it accompanies you on your UTV adventures.

  • Skid Plate
  • If you’re on some rough terrain, your UTV will thank you for having a durable skid plate. In moderate to advanced trails, you’ll likely face obstacles, quick ascents and descents, or even potholes—when this happens you’ll be grateful to have a full and durable skid plate protecting your machine. Most UTVs come with a partial or low quality skid plate but investing in a more durable option will allow you to use your UTV to the fullest without concern of damaging your vehicle.

  • Doors
  • Your UTV may or may not come with doors. When you find yourself riding through trees with rough branches and shrubbery, you’ll be grateful to have the protection of doors. If you mainly do desert riding, you may not need doors. But no matter your terrain, doors can keep you and the contents of your vehicle safe. They can also be helpful in blocking the wind and other outside elements such as rain and snow or even excessive sand or dirt, depending on your terrain.

  • Roof
  • A roof is a solid investment for any UTV. Protect the occupants of your vehicle from rain, snow, or extreme sun to make your ride as enjoyable as possible. Adding a roof will also protect your vehicle from the natural ware and tare that comes from the elements.

  • Windshield
  • Protect yourself and any potential riders from the force of the wind as you speed through an exciting UTV ride with a windshield. There are many options—half windshields, full windshields, wind deflectors, etc. Windchill can easily ruin an otherwise great day adventuring in the UTV. Avoid having the cold and dry air blow in your face at high speeds with this addition.

  • Rearview Mirrors
  • Adding another avenue to see what is behind you and around you as you navigate through rough terrain is an extremely helpful tool. Rear view mirrors will make you more aware of your surroundings as a driver. These extra vantage points will be especially helpful in tight situations or when backing up. Keep your UTV in the best shape possible by avoiding any scratches and collisions while also taking advantage of the ability to see and maneuver better with your UTV.

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