How To Add Storage To Your UTV

If you have a UTV the options for outdoor adventures are practically limitless. That is until you start to talk about outing adventures that will last multiple days. Then, you’ll begin to feel limited by the amount of space you have on your UTV for the necessary equipment.

If you’re wanting to take a long weekend trip in the great outdoors, you’ll not only need all of your clothing, sleeping, and shelter supplies for several days, but you’ll also need plenty of food and water too. The amount of stuff you need to bring quickly adds up and before you know it there is no longer room for a passenger in your UTV! The good news is that when it comes to UTV upgrades and aftermarket additions, there are ways you can easily add storage to your UTV. Here’s how.

Saddle Storage

If you’re looking for a way to better utilize the bed of your UTV, consider saddle storage. Saddle storage boxes are usually weather resistant and can be a great way to keep your supplies, tools, and other gear separated and protected. This type of storage is easy to install so you can always add it or take it out depending on your activities.

Trunk Box

If you’re looking for something a little bigger than a saddle storage box, check out trunk boxes. These are generally bigger and will take up more of the bed of your UTV. You can find trunk boxes in various sizes, shapes, and for different uses to fit any of your needs.

Soft Storage Bags

When it comes to both smaller and larger boxes to fit in the bed of your UTV, you can choose both hard or soft options making it easy to store a variety of gear on your UTV.

Interior Bags

If you want to keep things within arms reach, look at interior bags. You’ll find storage options that fit between the seats, on the inside of your doors, overhead, and even along the frame of your UTV!

Center Console

Not just for your car, a center console can be a simple way to add a small amount of super convenient storage to your UTV. Your center console can be a great place to store phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses and other small items you want to keep nearby but secure and protected. Many also come with cupholders! Who doesn’t want a crisp, cold beverage within arms reach during a long UTV trip?

When it comes to other UTV upgrades, don’t forget about a side-by-side windshield. There are many UTV windshields and accessories to choose from like the Ryfab RZR windshield, Koplin full tilting windshield, Quadgear UTV windshield, and many Kawasaki side-by-side windshields.

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