Signs You Need To Get Your UTV Serviced ASAP

You have very good intentions to clean your UTV after every outing, get the oil changed regularly, and follow all of the suggested and necessary maintenance for your UTV. The problem is that you get busy, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of those maintenances items. It’s ok, nobody is perfect when it comes to these things.

However, they are still important to do.

While some maintenance items have wiggle room and won’t cause too much damage if they are put off a few extra weeks, failing to take care of other maintenance items can cause major problems for your UTV. And if you wait too long, your UTV will tell you there’s a problem.

Here are signs you need to get your UTV services ASAP.

Sign #1: Smell Burning Oil

If you notice the smell of burning oil you can count it as a sign that you need to get your UTV serviced. Smelling burning oil it usually means that you’re running out of oil. Ideally, you want to be checking your dipstick frequently to make sure that you have enough oil in your machine and that the oil is clean. Regularly oil changes are a must.

Sign #2: Throttle Loses Power

If your throttle seems to be losing power it may be a sign that you need to replace your fuel filter. You may also notice that your UTV just seems to struggle or seems “starved.” Your fuel filter keeps dirt and rust out of your fuel. Over time the fuel filter can get clogged with debris.

Sign #3: UTV Won’t Start

If you’re trying to start your UTV but the engine won’t turn over even with the ignition engaged, your probably in need of a new battery. If you’ve failed to notice that the power in your UTV was waning and didn’t charge it, you may have missed the window to extend the life of your battery and instead are now in need of a new battery.

Sign #4: Unexplained Rattling

Hopefully, you notice any unexplained rattling before it’s too late. Unexplained rattling can be a sign that any of the screws or bearings on your UTV need to be tightened. If you notice unexplained rattling and wait too long, you may find yourself with some broken parts that will need to be replaced rather than simply tightening a few screws.

No matter what sign you notice telling you to get your UTV serviced, be sure you take your UTV in quickly. Ideally, you want to be regularly checking and servicing your UTV to avoid any unnecessary repairs.

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