Never Let These Three Things Go Unserviced On Your UTV

When you’re on your UTV, you don’t want anything to come between you and the open road. If there’s lots of brush you have your UTV windshield to keep you protected and maintain visibility, if you come across muddy terrain you’ve got great tires to pull you through any sticky situation. But what if your UTV starts to choke and sputter, and eventually dies leaving you stranded with some potentially costly repairs on your hands? Just like you plan ahead by investing in a quality windshield and tires, you should plan ahead when it comes to the maintenance of your UTV. Regular care and servicing is essential to enjoyable riding. How do you avoid any interruptions to your adventures? Never let these three things go unserviced on your UTV.


#1. Oil


One of the most important things to be serviced is your UTV’s oil. Every time you take your UTV out for a spin you should stop and check the level of your oil. If you like to do a lot of cold-weather riding, be sure you are closely monitoring your oil levels throughout your entire ride. If it gets too hot or too cold, you need to stop and take necessary steps to get it back to the right temperature.
Your car needs regular oil and filter changes, and so does your UTV. If you want your UTV to continue to rip down mountain trails for many years to come, never let your oil go unserviced. Do it often and regularly to extend the life of your UTV. How often should you have this serviced? It will depend on your UTV and the age. Follow the guidelines in your owner's manual for your specific UTV.


#2. Coolant

While your coolant won’t need as much attention as often as your oil, it is still an important part of your UTV maintenance, and one service you can’t afford not to do. Because if it does start to run low and you don’t catch it quickly, you’re going to destroy your UTV. Just like your oil, take a few minutes before your ride to check your coolant levels. If you notice that before several outings in a row your coolant level seems low, it’s time to get it serviced. It may even mean you have a leaking head gasket or there may be internal debris.



#3. Grease

Making sure the moving parts of your UTV are greased and lubricated properly will help to ensure your UTV runs smoothly for years to come. As you take your UTV through dirt, mud, rain, snow, and sunshine, it is exposed to many different elements. This can really take a toll on your UTV and it’s moving parts. Keep your UTV running smoothly by giving it a good cleaning after each ride to remove any debris or buildup. Then, let your UTV dry thoroughly before greasing up necessary moving parts. Not only will it help to keep them working smoothly together, but the grease will also act as a barrier to keep unwanted debris out that may otherwise wreak havoc on your UTV.


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