Safest Helmets on the Market

No matter how often you ride your UTV or what kind of trails you prefer, one thing is certain… you should be wearing a helmet. While any helmet is better than no helmet, like all UTV accessories, there are many different types, price points, and quality options to choose from. When it comes to something that could save your life, you don’t want to skimp out. Choose from some of the safest helmets on the market, then when you’re on the trails all you’ll have to worry about is how much fun you’re going to have on your UTV.

G-Max Helmets

For something affordable, stylish, and Department of Transportation approved, look no further than the helmets offered by G-Max They are lightweight which makes them great for kids. You can get a G-Max open face helmet for less than $50, and a full face for under $100. And with DOT approval, you can be sure you or your passenger will be in one of the safest helmets on the market.

Rugged Helmets

If you’re into racing and looking for something a little more professional without breaking the bank, check out the helmets made by Rugged. While a race helmet fully equipped with the full face shield, air supply, and wired for communication with your racing team can set you back anywhere from $500 to $1000, Rugged offers some very affordable alternatives. For $300 you can get a racing helmet that is DOT approved, a lighter, sleeker version with a built-in speaker and a microphone wired in. You can also pay a few bucks more to get on that is Snell auto certified.

Sena Cavalry

If you’re more of a leisurely UTV driver and are looking for something less bulky, consider a half helmet. They are lighter, make your face feel less confined but still offer all of the necessary protection making it one of the safest helmets on the market. The shell is DOT approved, and there are several options with built-in bluetooth for communication.

Kali Shiva

Another option for casual riding (that can be used for other outdoor activities too) is a downhill mountain bike helmet. It’s a lightweight option that gives you a little more bang for your buck with it’s dual purposes. You’ll get plenty of visibility and protection too. The Kali Shiva brand is one of the few that is DOT approved, which makes it the preferred and safest choice. Whether you’re looking for a helmet to keep you safer on the trails, around the yard for housework, while hunting, or while competing in a race make sure you have a proper fit from a helmet made of sturdy materials.

You can feel more confident with your purchase if you look for the DOT’s stamp of approval!

If you need help finding a safe UTV helmet, be sure to talk to the experts at UTV Windshields & Accessories. Besides specializing in the best polycarbonate UTV windshields on the market, they know a thing or two about the best accessories for you and your UTV. Visit them today!

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