A Reminder About UTV Safety

Riding your UTV can be a very enjoyable activity. Getting together with friends or family members and experiencing the beauty of nature with the help of a powerful machine is a unique experience that can be enjoyed year round. However, when used improperly or when safety precautions aren’t followed, UTV’s can be very dangerous.

Accidents don’t happen on every ride, but when they do they can be disastrous which is why it’s important to always be prepared for the worst and remain up to date on UTV safety. Sometimes a simple checklist isn’t enough; it is helpful to remember the reality of the injuries and aftermath that follows UTV and ATV accidents.

For example, the St. George teen who was ejected from a side-by-side in 2014 that has spent the last few years working hard in recovery. Britton Shipp was in a situation many other UTV riders find themselves in; he was riding with friends on a fall afternoon with friends. It was part of a daytime activity preceding their Sadie Hawkins dance. Shipp and his date were going about 25-miles-per-hour when they hit a puddle on the dirt road. The side-by-side hydroplaned and flipped. Neither the driver or passenger were wearing seatbelts or helmets, and were both ejected from the vehicle. The driver received a leg injury, while Shipp suffered severe head trauma.

After months in a coma, a lengthy hospital stay,  surgery, countless hours in rehabilitation, and personal determination to relearn everyday tasks, Shipp has been able to continue to do the things he loves, like play baseball.

Shipps father credited his date with acting quickly following the accident, likely saving his life. She was able to keep his airways open and keep him alert and warm until authorities arrived on the scene. One of the most important things to do to prepare for UTV safety is to know basic first aid and to carry an emergency kit with you at all times. This includes a first aid kit, and other items like food, water, and other survival tools in case you are ever stranded.

Another way to stay safe when riding your UTV is to wear your seat belt, wear a helmet, and wear other protective gear. A helmet should be worn each and every time you ride, no matter the conditions or terrain. You can protect yourself further by wearing protective eyewear, gloves, boots that cover the ankle, as well as protective pants and shirt.

Making sure you have the proper license and training before you ride is also critical. Many states require young riders to take a class before hitting the trails. This is in everyone’s best interest and can help keep UTV riders safe. Following all laws when it comes to UTVs, like where to ride and how fast, will also keep you and your passengers safe.

Most rides won’t end in catastrophe, but it is safer to be prepared so that you are ready and able to act should the worst happen. Most riders have other worries, like what is the best windshield for their side-by-side. If you’re looking for any UTV upgrades, look no further than UTV Windshields & Accessories. You can find anything from the RZR 1000 glass windshield to the Kawasaki Mule 4010 windshield and many more inbetween to give you increased visibility and protection while riding. Contact UTV Windshields & Accessories today!

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