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Is a Roll Cage Worth Your Investment?

If you’re looking to make some aftermarket additions to your UTV, the sky’s the limit. There are so many fun gadgets and parts that can not only make your UTV more enjoyable to drive, but it can make it a lot safer too. One of those aftermarket parts that’s worth considering adding to your UTV is a roll cage. The only problem is it’s no small purchase. Is a roll cage worth your investment? Here are a few pros and cons to consider as you shop..


Extra Protection

Obviously the number one reason a roll cage would be worth your investment is if you’re looking for some extra protection. UTV’s, while fun, can be very dangerous. If you are accident prone or like to “live on the edge,” investing in a heavy-duty roll cage is probably a good idea.

Even if you are a safe, cautious driver there is always a chance that the unexpected will happen. You can’t always trust the trail or other riders, so playing it safe by investing in a quality roll cage is something you won’t regret.

Better Quality

If your UTV came with a roll cage, depending on the manufacturer, that cage can vary in quality. Some will hold up, others may only be good for one roll. If you think you may be getting a lot of use out of your roll cage, investing in a quality aftermarket roll cage is worth your investment.


When you choose to go with a custom or upgraded roll cage, you’ll get a say in style options. The shape of a roll cage can drastically change the overall look of your UTV, and everyone likes getting a say in how their UTV looks. Because let’s face it, you’re proud of your toy and like showing it off!  

More Space

Along with customizing the way your UTV looks, you’ll be able to customize how it feels inside too. You can get a roll cage that is short and sleek, or one that offers more headroom inside.



Added Weight

While this may not be an issue for every UTV or every roll cage, it is something to consider. The added weight of a roll cage may affect the way your UTV handles. At the very least, if you’re new to driving with a roll cage be sure to take the necessary precautions until you’re completely comfortable with the way it drives.


Depending on your driving style, an upgraded roll cage may be unnecessary. Not because they don’t work, but if you’re going to be doing more leisurely riding and you usually play it pretty safe, a roll cage may not be worth the extra money.

If you decide a roll cage is right for you, be sure to visit the experts at UTV Windshields & Accessories to talk about windshield options with your roll cage. We can help you find the perfect roll cage and any other accessory you may be interested in.

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