UTV Winter Activities

Taking your UTV out for a spin in the spring or summer is easy. The weather is great, and the trails are obvious. There is very little left to the imagination when it comes to warm weather UTV activities. But when the weather gets colder, it may be harder coming up with ways to make the most of your UTV. You don’t want this fun (and let’s face it, expensive) piece of equipment to be limited to a few months of the year, but UTV winter activities are sometimes hard to come up with. If you’re in need of some New Year inspiration for UTV winter activities, look no further. Here are three ideas for you and your family to enjoy the snowy world around you!  
  1. Trail Riding
That’s right. Just because there is snow on the ground doesn’t mean you have to give up your trail riding! You’ll just want to put in a little extra thought and planning to make sure it is a safe and enjoyable experience. First, you’ll want to make sure accessing the trails is permitted during the winter months. Next, you’ll want to make sure your UTV is outfitted with proper snow tires. If you don’t already have one, a UTV windshield will take your UTV winter activities to the next level. Not only will you have better visibility during snowfall, but you’ll stay much warmer during your ride. We all know if you’re warm you’ll be much more comfortable and your ride will be especially enjoyable. As always, bring a well stocked emergency kit, food, and other cold weather supplies.  
  1. Snow Plowing
Who says chores can’t be fun? Take the mundane task of shoveling snow to the next level by incorporating your UTV. Most accessory shops sell attachments like snow plows for UTV’s. By adding a snow plow to your side by side, you’ll shovel your sidewalks, driveways, and easily help out a few neighbors in a fraction of the time it would take you to shovel by hand. You can say goodbye to an aching back and sore arms! Using you UTV to shovel snow is a lot more enjoyable too.  
  1. Hunting Trips
If you enjoy hunting, you don’t have to limit the sport to just the summer months. Hunting in the winter is completely acceptable (and sometimes preferred for certain game). But going at it on foot would be quite a hassle. This is where your UTV comes in handy! Load it up with your hunting gear, provisions, and a few hunting specific UTV accessories, and head out on the ultimate UTV winter activity.   Whatever UTV winter activity you choose, be sure you are prepared for the elements. Winter activities can be a wonderful way to spend time outdoors, but you should always be safe and prepared. And to make your activities as enjoyable as possible, outfit your UTV with the appropriate accessories. The experts at UTV Windshields and Accessories can help you with any and all of your UTV additions. Check them out before your next winter excursion!

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