Why To Invest in a Microfiber Cleaning Kit

Most UTV Windshields get cracked when they are being cleaned. It’s a common mistake to use the wrong cleaning tools—mainly Windex and paper towels. These cleaning tools can actually be harmful to your windshield and leave it vulnerable to scratches and more dirt. A microfiber cleaning kit not only gets your windshield as clean as possible, but it protects and preserves it by reducing static electricity and helping to keep dust from sticking to your windshield.

What is microfiber?
Microfiber is a densely constructed material made of polyester and nylon fiber. Microfiber is a supreme cleaning tool for many reasons. Because of the net-like surface area, there are millions of spaces to trap moisture, dirt, and debris. The nylon component of microfiber, it has the ability to get into tiny cracks and crevasses that other materials are not able to reach, making it much more effective for deep cleaning.

How do you use microfiber?
Because of the high quality of microfiber, you won’t need to invest in expensive cleaning products. Investing in a microfiber cleaning kit can save you money in the long run as it lasts longer and helps your windshield to last longer too. Microfiber even works well with water.

The UTV microfiber cleaning toolkit comes with a bottle of Novus, a spray water bottle, four high-quality microfiber cleaning clothes, all in a weather resistant carrying case—making it handy to keep with you and your UTV. Get into all the tiny and hard to reach spots in your windshield with a microfiber cleaning kit.

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