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5 Most Important Practices for UTV Safety

UTVs or Utility Terrain Vehicles are fun and practical but can easily turn dangerous or deadly especially when safety rules are not adhered to. UTVs allow to people to sit in the cabin besides each other and are primarily designed for riding over rough terrain. Sometimes the drivers and passengers in utility terrain vehicles may feel safer and a false sense of security which might lead to overconfidence. However, it is essential to understand UTVs have a high center of gravity and are often driven in uneven terrain which gives them the potential to roll more easily than a common car. Therefore, if they are not operated carefully with safety in mind, drivers and passengers can sustain serious injuries or death. Here are some safety tips for people who own or intend to operate UTVs.

Top 5 UTV Safety Tips:

  1. Wear the proper attire and protective gear
Protecting yourself by wearing a helmet is the most important thing you can do to ensure a fun and safe session in UTVs whether you are a good rider or riding at a low speed. There are numerous unforeseen things such as bumps and rocks which you cannot always account for. Besides wearing a helmet and buckling up, it is essential to use other protective gear such as pants, boots and eye protection especially if the UTV does not provide ample overhead support.
  1. Take training classes
In case you are not familiar with UTVs, it is vital for all operators (above the age of 16 years) to take safety classes prior to operating a UTV. Training provides operators with the necessary knowledge and skills that allow them to make informed decisions especially about safe operating techniques of UTVs, their own safety and the safety of other riders and the people around them.
  1. Don’t drink and ride
UTV trails require peak reflexes and concentration primarily because they can be very rocky, tough and unpredictable. Therefore, the zero alcohol policy should be practiced and upheld by all UTV riders until they are done riding for the day.
  1. Limit driving UTVs on paved roads
It is important to limit your operation on paved roads since UTVs are not designed for stable or safe operation on paved roads. This is a major concern because the machines were traditionally meant for trails. If you are going to drive on paved roads, be sure your UTV is street legal and properly registered.  Be sure to follow all state vehicle registration laws.
  1. Follow protocol
Be responsible, slow down, stay on the right side and expect to meet other riders on the trail. Do not allow children less than 16 years to operate UTVs unless they have proper training or in the presence of an adult. The headlights should always be kept on for increased visibility. Moreover, UTVs should not be used to tow any items unless they are specifically designed and equipped to. Be sure to register your UTV with the relevant authorities if it is required. Although most off-road vehicles do not require registration, you should check with a reliable dealer to see whether it is necessary. UTV riding is a fantastic recreational activity for everyone to go outside and enjoy. However, it is vital to be safe by following these preventive measures when having fun and enjoying the outdoors in your UTV.  

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